I woke up in Montana!!! 29 days

Yesterday was sort of the first day of my vacation. But damn it was a rough day of work and then travel. We were awake for almost 24 hours.

Our original travel itinerary started with a 4pm departure from Grand Rapids airport. We were scheduled to land in Denver at 5pm MTN. However, we spent some time circling the Denver airport before we were approved to land.

While the original lay over in Denver should have been 2 hours, our flight kept getting delayed.

We finally left Denver 2 hours late. Our ETA in Missoula was 1130pm. We knew my sister & BIL were coming to pick us up. WOW! were we surprised to see Ella & Logan too (my niece & nephew).

When we finally got our luggage and went outside, damn! There was the ghetto gypsy, my brother’s decked out, pimping, party BUS! What a freaking blast.

The ride to Ronan from Missoula was uneventful. It was too dark to see the mountains, again. I knew what would be awaiting me when I finally fell asleep and woke up: MOUNTAINVIEW.

The view here is gorgeous, just like a postcard, better than a postcard. I think I just heard a bear.

There is 29 days left until festival and I am on vacation. Several of the crew will be at the farm working this weekend, keeping production rolling and on schedule.

Part of the plumbing crew will be there do a mock construction of the plumbing for the gray holding tanks.

Grounds crew will be there handling like a mofo:

Spreading out carpets in ARC, every other tree row, to provide a “side walk” facilitating easier movement through ARC, (for women with mobility concerns). Q-tipping performer tent (releasing trapped water from the top of the tent, due to “pooling” in unlevel places). AND scrubbing the water totes, conquering that beast.

I am working extremely hard to get all of the tickets mailed out and more ticket sales keep coming in. YAY!!! MFR is going to be grand and glorious this year, our fifth anniversary.

I don’t know how I did it. OH WAIT! I don’t know how I did it because I DID NOT DO IT. MFR was a true community effort. The various crews have come together beautifully and synergistically. They have accomplished more together than the sum of their separate parts.

I was so worried about plumbing and electrical and grounds and so many parts of this festival. I was scared when M walked away that I would not be able to figure it out and produce this festival without her. I was right and I was wrong. I could not produce this alone. But I did produce this alone. I jsut didn’t micromanage or do all of the various production pieces. The crews did the pieces.

I learned to release and let go of so many things through out this production season. Each time I let it go, I learn more. I learn to trust the process, I learn to trust the people. I learn to trust my path and my vision. I learn that letting go is empowering and freeing. I am learning that my true power rests in trust, peace, and love. Without these elements, I can NOT produce festival, alone. With these elements, I am never alone. It is a curious mystery that I will spend many more years learning, unlearning, learning again.

29 days until festival and I feel amazing. I am in Montana. All is well. I am tired from lack of sleep but I am in MONTANA, on my patio, drinking coffee, looking at the mountains, and listening to Montana sounds!

I went in for another cup of coffee and found this confirmation from the universe:

I asked the question, “will festival be all right?” and I got this.

#dawnsjuicylife #montana #bigskycountry #dykeadventures

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