Daily writing is hard. 34 days until festival

Good morning. My intention was to write every day to document a little bit of the brain action that I experience in the final month before festival. That hasn’t happened.

I took a break from primary production mode. There was No work crew last weekend because Michigan is in typhoon season. It has rained, very heavy rains for the last 10 days in mid-Michigan. There has also been a tornado in Ionia county. The county that is located right in the middle work and home. Normally, I don’t take cover. But this time, the storm was extremely severe so we hit the basement for cover.

Taking refuge in the basement was a safe space from the possible tornado. In addition, it was a perfect opportunity to help Carmen unpack and set up her space.

She moved in two weeks ago. She hasn’t completely unpacked, which is understandable. There is a lot of change of starting a new job and moving, in addition to selling her house. Add on to that, an injured knee that is extremely painful. We were super happy to give a helping hand to our fam.

I am over writing about this day. I will write another blog about our travel day.

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