i missed a day shame on me 36 days til MFR

Yesterday is a blur to me. I missed my boo so much. I didn’t sleep the night before. I don’t remember much about yesterday except I was exhausted and tired. Oh that’s the same thing, right?

I do remember submitting 10 water samples to a private lab for testing. That was incredibly stressful. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it is a tremendous responsibility to provide drinking water to several hundred people. Making sure that it is safe and minimal bacteria, meeting EPA standards. And I wanted it to pass. I wanted to get it right so it could be done. Ya know? One less thing to worry about.

I got a call from the lab asking about the samples. I asked the price. HOLY WATER Robbery! It was going to be $70/sample. $700!!!


I asked him to only test 3 samples: 1,4, and 7. That is a good start and will give me a baseline for the future work of the water saga. Results in 24 hours.

The happy ending to this story:

While speaking with a committee member, Ashley, she reminded me that health departments test water. Today, I clarified with Allegan County the requirements. I am able to submit to any health department. I am able to submit the samples to Kent County, which is closer to my job, making it much easier & convenient. YAY! Thanks Ashley! She is such a blessing.

this morning, I was planning to be in to work at 630, which means leaving the house at 540am. Sigh. I was exhausted last night and this morning I woke up more rested but still tired. My head hurt. I decided to call off. I went back to sleep and slept so goooooooood. My poor partner wasn’t aware that I called off and she got worried when she hadn’t heard from me for several hours after a good morning text at 5am.

I rolled out of bed and started reviewing emails and contracts. I did several postings in both groups, L2L and MFR. MFR has a robust response that is still happening. L2L is mostly crickets. Sigh. I will have to look at that after festival.

I signed up for a Leadership training via zoom, scheduled for this afternoon. I was able to get the citrix receiver (needed for remote access into my job network) installed prior to the zoom training and get logged & punched in! Yay! This means, I won’t have to use any PTO for my requested day off on Friday.

The leadership training was intriguing and relevant for my Nurse job and for leading the cats for MFR. I love it. I really do. The energy of pulling together resources and placing them in the 1. job they are interested in, 2. the job they have the skills for or can learn at. It is fun and empowering. This training showed me new ways to get to our mutual goals.

My baby came home today. She was home around 1130. After her shower, we tested out the counter. Truthfully, I have never experienced what I have with, with anyone else. She is willing to get adventurous and we play so much. It is awesome. It is a testimony to our aging and injured bodies, that she needed a boost up to get onto the counter today.

My snuggle buddy

And now we are cuddled up, close and connected, as we should be, while working independently. I love us.

There is a Warrior Work Crew planned for the weekend. I am feeling out of sorts, not able to figure out which direction to go in production. I figured out a plan and posted it, recruiting volunteers/crew for the weekend.

I also heard back from the local electrician that has graciously provided service, quickly, efficiently, and for a great price! He was able to look at the circuit that kept tripping. Power is back to showers. And he plans to meet me there on Saturday to look at the float. His first words to me today, “this is some hillbilly contraption”. that was something to me. This is more confirmation that my previous faith and trust was incredibly misplaced. That certain quality standards are based on bad information. It shows me that I should never stop asking questions and learning more. It is a sign that I knew more than I realized and that I was right for speaking up and asking questions. Go Me. There are a million ways to skin a cat and all that open minded shit.

ha-ha, Dwight

Things are going ridiculously well. I don’t understand it. I don’t know exactly how this is happening. And WHOA!

It’s so fucking magical. I am so grateful. I am in awe at the magnitude of #mfrmagic

There’s only 36 days. It’s probably going to rain on Saturday. We are going to scrub totes. Spread carpeting. Get shit done because that’s what Dragyn Warriors do.

#dragynwarriors #dawnsjuicylife #getitgirl #womendoitbetter

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