6.19.21 Thirty nine days til festival (first pack in day)

Today was a wonderful day at the farm. We started out slowly due to the rain. It seemed it was going to quit but then it just kept sputtering. That’s okay, right?

Coffee was served and a quick little conversation with our friend Becky. Becky came in from Chicago. That’s a solid drive, especially leaving Chicago on a Friday night after. full work week. She is a fixer upperer. She came in for the weekend to work on the plumbing. We shared some food over the tiki torches last night. The fire wood was wet so there wasn’t a fire this morning.

Women started showing up. They just started showing up. And we got to work. There were several projects going on and it was an amazingly productive day…

especially considering the torrential (but fortunately, intermittent) storms we got today.

Projects completed:

Shower knobs replaced and all showers timed to 1.5 minutes.

Installed new float on holding tank, determined it will not work for our purposes, will continue brainstorming for plumbing solutions. Next plumbing work crew: weekend of July 17. 2021.

Completed elevated tote platforms for Bruno Shuttle path, Danu Kitchen, Mama Kuka Kitchen, and Tata Trail.

(Most of the wood is from Michfest Day Stage!)

Cleaned & organized Green Room.

Tested & moved refrigerator from She-Shed to Green Room.

Organized & inventoriesd She-Shed.

Finalized placement of Information Station, Shade Zones, Food Trucks, and Bea’s Blends, coffee & treats.

Fixed tire on Golf Cart 32.Built 2 benches for campfires (wood is from Michfest Day Stage!)Staged the wood for building 1 more bench.

Filled 4 water totes, ready for water sampling (to be completed tomorrow and submitted on Tuesday).

Hung lights around Juniper Bush on Stage right, along Amazon Rising & Marketplace. Sprayed for poison ivy.

Cut down two trees that were an obstruction in Penny Lane.

All of this was done in the rain.

Things we learned:J

une’s mascara is not waterproof.

Mice have a home in the battery drawer.

Tools do not put themselves away.

Vacuuming the patio is easier than sweeping the storm debris.

Wet wood needs a lot of convincing to ignite & burn.

Do not stand under the canopy edge while Q-tipping.

Wood chucks are also known as land beavers.

CAn’t WAIT to see you in the Pines.

39 days til MFR. What the fuck. WE FREAKING GOT THIS>


Michigan FRamily Reunion women’s music festival

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