6.18.2021 forty days til festival

I started the day with a big huge rain storm. I was sleeping in Polly, my pop-up (more about her loveliness later!) when the rain started beating down. Sleeping in a pop up means sleeping in a glorified tent. The roof is tin or canvas and rain drops sound like hail beating on my roof.

I decided to sleep in a bit since it was storming until I felt the rain go sideways. At that point, my feet and head were getting rained on through the window! I closed the windows quickly and got my ass up to face the day. I am thankful i took a shower the night before so a face wash and a teeth brushing was sufficient to greet my work day.

Arriving at work, greeted with staff complaining about residents and residents complaining about staff treatment. Whoosh!

Not my job folks, read the door, ladies & gentlement, that says Program Nurse, not mommy, nanny, or babysitter, referee, coach, or mediator. Sigh.

I only planned to work at my job until noon or so. One of my residents had an appointment with a pulmonologist to discuss his recent CT scan of his lungs showing several “spots”. This man has been homebound for the past 10 years. He started goign to appointments a couple months ago because of concerns of him having cancer. I think his mind gave him cancer. His family all died young (50’s) and he has believed, for as long as I have known him, that he is dying of cancer and has a 100 other maladies. He is a nonsmoker, very low risk, but has family history. Now he has spots on his lungs.

Before going to the appointment, i was able to stuff some more envelopes, mailing out more tickets. I posted several things, promoting MFR in various groups and platforms. Several calls to pharmacy and various homes ensued. A resident was scheduled to discharge from the hospital so i was working with a RN case manager to get O2 and orders.

And then the appointment. It was nice to watch the doctor treat my patient with dignity & respect. That was amazing.

After leaving the appointment, I treated myself to Indian Food. It wasn’t my favorite place but it was okay. While eating lunch I got nurse to nurse report regarding the discharge. She was getting oxygen. Just means more work coordinating and educating staff.

so much to think about.

When I left work, finally, I did get three more work related calls. While doing that, I set up and used my new power washer. I love, love, love it! It will be a good purchase!

My lovey love got here around 530, or something. I don’t know. Time is weird at the farm.

We enjoyed a dinner out. I drank some tequila. That is rare for me so I was a little goofy. When we got back “home” to the farm, we strung two sets of lights. Then went for an evening drive to see our handy work.

Still too much for my brain. But my brain is still stretching. I spent a lot of time today thinking about the tasks that need to be completed tomorrow, the crew that will present, and who will work with who and where.


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