Being 6.17.2021 Forty one days til festival


Producing a women’s music festival

Practicing as a psych nurse at a specialized AFC home for chronically and seriously mentally ill folks. 

Being a mom to 8 kids

Being a friend

Being a lover

Being a community builder

Being an influencer


My day started off as rushed and annoying.

Traffic was congested because I left laer today.  I wanted to hang out at home a little longer since tonight I plan to stay at The Farm, home of Michigan FRamily Reunion and a 100 acre pine tree farm. Hence, “the Farm”.

I spent my day stuffing envelopes with two ticket mailers, stamping them, and then addressing an address label.  I forgot to mail them.  And forgot to mail the batch from yesterday. WTF, Dawn.

I needed to verify if there were any more performers that need hotel arrangements.

I am unsure who will be doing my performer transport.  Although, I have reached out to several women.  I hope to find someone else willing to do one or two transports.

Treatment team at the job is at 9 am on Thursdays.  Injections are also due on Thursday.  And med reviews.  Today, there were 7 folks to meet with.

This particular Thursday, I also had compassion fatigue and Trauma Informed Care Training smack in the middle of my work day.

One performer informed me today, she would like a tent set up.  Cool, cool, cool.

I will verify tent needs.

Summer, e nina, Ginger will bring her own.  Anybody else?  DJ Fudgie.  Yes.  3 tents, 3 air mattresses.

The big thinker for the day today is degerming how many meals will need to be prepared for crew & performers for the long weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

How many crew? Which crew? How do I determine that?  How many meals?

Argh my brain is swelling

Continue with the day.  Get an email that made me feel defensive and insecure.


Annoyed most of the day from that email and the work it had entailed prior to and post email.

I stayed at the farm tonight.

What things can I work on that don’t’ get me too sore or too tired.

I strung several strings of lights along Amazon Rising and stage area.

I started soaking the water totes.

I loaded the auger that I am going to return into my trunk.

Moved a lot of trash, putzed around, doing little organizing things, strung two tapestries to provide some shade during the hot days.

I cleaned.

I put together a salad and ate.

I heated some water to wash some dishes.

I showered outside.

I spent time on the ground, in the trees, watching bunnies, and talking to birds.

I was able to become unannoyed, peaceful, okay.  Safe.

I realized I am the most comfortable here than I have ever felt while staying alone.

I write this while sitting outside at 11pm at night with my tiki torch, my mac, my glass of wine, listening to snacks and crashes from critters.  Obviously from critters.  My heart starts racing, is it is critters, right?  I’m okay with critters.  It’s men that scare me.

But I am safe.  A moth hit me in the face.

What does that say?

Stop being ridiculous.  Of course, it’s critters that are crashing.  Life, all kinds of life is happening out here that I am witness to.

OHHHHHHH! I forgot to say.

While I was feeling super pissy and overwhelmed.  Annoyed with planning projects and not sure which volunteers will show up.  That’s hard.  Made my brain swell more.

So I decided to plan my big reward.

When I graduate from NP school and get my license, I am going to go on a BIG trip.

My first choices are India, Ireland, Africa.  From there I contacted my travel agent and dear friend, Rich, from Florida.  We chatted.  He will get me some ideas. 

I am going to do it. I am going to put the damn deposit down and I am going on a BIG get away when I get through school.  Fuck yes.  Go me.  #dawnsjuicylife

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