Video blog

Today was a day. I didn’t have a lot of energy to write a blog tonight but I wanted to share my beautiful experience.

Not only did I encounter a lovely young man, I also single-handedly (well ALMOST, thank you kind sir!) finagled the experience. This is new for me. I am digging being more independent and COMPETENT. I didn’t always feel competent. I know self-esteem is an inside job. Unfortunately, I was in a position where my worst stories about myself were reinforced by my surroundings and I didn’t have the belief in myself to remove myself because i didn’t feel worthy. It is a very circular messy situation and it’s hard to extricate yourself from the pattern when you are in it. I got out though. And now I know. I can handle my shit. I know I can handle my shit. Or I know how to find the information to get it handled. #power #amazon #findingmyjuicy #thankful #goodmoms

Beautiful evening

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