My list of desires

list of desired outcomes in the following areas:

  • your health

I remember being curvy yet slender. I remember feeling good in my clothes and comfortable in my skin. I remember when I was physically fit and strong, definition in my muscles and curve to my booty. I remember eating healthy and feeling good, body, mind, and spirit.

  • your home

I remember the basement being finished and completely furnished. I remember a new bathroom in the basement and finished walls and a mini-kitchen. I remember the walls all painted. I remember the rooms are organized and decorated.

  • your work or job

I remember working in a stimulating job that allows freedom and movement. I remember working in an environment that is supportive and loving. I remember getting paid 6 figures yearly for occasional work. I remember loving my job: talking to people, healing, and building connections.

  • your finances

I remember being debt-free. I remember being able to buy what I wanted and travel to wherever i chose but not being greedy or materialistic. I remember being able to help people, organizations, and communities.

  • your significant relationships

I remember being madly and passionately in love with a person that is my friend, my lover, and my biggest fan, someone that I respect and like. I remember my kids coming home weekly for Sunday dinner with their kids and their fur babies.

  • your spirituality

I remember being aligned with my greatest calling, gift, and desire. I remember being aligned with Goddess and Gaia, living in harmony, spreading love and peace to all beings.

  • your recreation, travel or hobbies

I remember producing a music festival, building women’s communities, kayaking weekly, traveling several months a year. I remember dancing weekly. I remember dancing even better after dance lessons.

#findingmyjuicy #icreatemylife #rememberingprocess #everythingisalwaysworkingoutforme #bestlifeever #juicy

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