Feeling all the feels, most especially the juicy ones

I listed so many desires yesterday. I wrote them as remembering them. Remembering all the good things that I want and desire is easier than manifesting. Remembering means,

IT”S POSSIBLE. It can happen because it has already happened, I remember it well.

Today I want to focus on the feelings that I associate with the objects of my desire.

  • your health–what do i feel when I remember the feeling of being

curvy yet slender. I remember feeling good in my clothes and comfortable in my skin. I remember when I was physically fit and strong, definition in my muscles and curve to my booty. I remember eating healthy and feeling good, body, mind, and spirit.

I feel happy, calm, sexy, beautiful, healthy, desirable, wanted, competent, strong. When I think of how I feel when I am a smaller size and in better physical shape, I feel very strong. I like being able to do physical activity without being winded. I enjoy putting on my clothes and they fit right. I feel like I’m doing a good job of taking care of myself. I feel triumphant that I am not gross and disgusting and unhealthy. I feel happy that I am taking care of myself. I am happy that my clothes fit so I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable, strong, healthy.

  • your home

I remember the basement being finished and completely furnished. I remember a new bathroom in the basement and finished walls and a mini-kitchen. I remember the walls all painted. I remember the rooms are organized and decorated.

Remembering my home finished, fixed, pretty, decorated, clean makes me feel like an adult. I feel competent, grown up, successful, not poor. I feel not poor to have a clean and pretty home.

I guess I have felt poor for a very long time. Even when I was married and had a partner that helped out or was at least present, it seemed we were always poor and struggling. We probably were, we had 8 small kids and I didn’t work. Later, when I had another partner that was super good at building and fixing stuff, the home repairs were better. The house was getting nicer. But there was always so much to do. I still felt poor. I felt poor in spirit because I couldn’t afford to fix it all on my own. I felt poor in finances because there was lack and broken shit.

I am not a decorator. My home is simple. I don’t change the pictures much. It’s clean but not fancy. I live in a double wide home sitting on a basement. My home is not fancy and it is not the best quality built home. It is clean. I fix what I can fix and I can fix it. I know repairs and maintenance will cost more and it might be a barrier now that I am alone.

I don’t want to feel poor anymore. I don’t want to feel less than or deficient or trailer trash-ish.

Today I release and let go of those feelings of inadequacy, poorness.

I am rich in spirit. I am rich in love. I am rich in generosity. I am rich in forgiveness. I am rich in friendship and community. I am richer than I ever allowed myself to acknowledge.

Today I release the feelings of poor. they no longer serve me. They pushed me. they prodded me. Now the time is here to release the feeligns of poor.

Regardless of what house i land in and even if I stay right where I am currently living, I am not poor. I am RICH!

#findingthejuicy #findingmyjuicy #richbitch #releaseandletgo #feelingthefeels

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