Remembering day 2

Starter: Write down something going on in your life that is at odds with your desired outcome. Write as much detail as you want, including why you are sure this thing is wrong.

Today, I felt attacked, ridiculed, and mocked for making some life choices that will help me to be independent, self-sufficient, and find some juicy. Listening to those things hurt me. I cried and I wanted to rail against the bullshit. Then…the audacity to say, you are acting emotionally, please reframe your thoughts . Wait, what???? sheesh, isn’t that what dudes have said to me a million times, “don’t be emotional”, “shes just overreacting in emotions”.

I took the time to remember my power. I took the time to remember I am a conscious creator of my life. I took the time to remember my choices are valid. I took the time to remember that I have lived and made choices with integrity. I took the time to remember to calmly stand up for myself. Because I remembered that I am a fierce, proud, capable, and competent woman that supports herself and her decisions. I took the time to remember that I have managed my life for many years and I am JUICY and POWERFUL!

I remember my love. I remember my power. I remember I am a dragyn. I remember I am a warrior. I remember that I do not “respond emotionally” when I make choices but EVEN IF I DO, I do not deserve to be shamed for my choices. I do not deserve to be mocked.

Today, I remembered that if I am allowing someone to mock me, I am not living in my power. I remember that if I am treated as incompetent, I am forgetting my strength, power, and ability to consciously create my life and live in my juicy.

I remembered to calmly use my voice to state that I don’t deserve bad treatment. I remembered I know how to live well. I remembered ME and being treated poorly, with arrogance, and hurtful, controlling words is not part of ME anymore. #findingmyjuicy

Next write these words in your journal as you say them out loud: “I consciously agree that I am here now and that my desired outcome had this exact moment as part of its life. I am here now, and this is where I’m meant to be . This is a necessary step on my path, and I will work in harmony with it. I do not need to rush away from here. I am always in the right place at the right time”. And breathe…

And breathe in and breathe out. I remember who I am, who I am called to be, who I am calling myself to be. I remember my juicy life.

I remember that I love being treated with dignity and respect. I remember that I give my all and sometimes I give it to the wrong people. I remember that I can breathe. I remember that I can stop things. I remember that I am in control of my life and everything is perfect, right where it is. Until I remember something even better.

#claimingmylife #iremembermyvoice #iremembermypower #iremember #findingmyjuicy

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