Beginning the Remembering

I am starting a new program called the Remembering Process. It is meditation, manifestation, and visualization but next level.

“It is easier to remember than it is to create”. —Joe Vitale & Daniel Barrett

It is a process of learning to “remember” the things you want in your life. Because as they so succinctly said above, it is easier to remember than it is to create. So if I can “remember” what I want in my life, I can have it again.

Today is my first effort at journaling this journey and it will be a journey. BUT I want to get the most of this program because I do want to level up. I want a prosperous, joyful, abundant, and more JUICY life. Remember what juicy is to me? Quick “remembering” juicy is living life to the fullest; living each moment in that moment; not holding pattern or marking time for the good stuff but living each moment as each moment presents and being thankful and joyful to be living that moment. Such as….getting up for work and being tired but also knowing that going to work is a tool to get to vacation but I don’t want to live a life that I want to always vacation from…I want to live my life is such a juicy way that even when I am doing something I don’t necessarily want to do but need to do, I can appreciate and enjoy the juiciness of it. Such as…money, interactions with co-workers, making a difference in a life, teaching someone, inspiring someone, completing a form the BEST way I can possibly do it. #findingmyjuicy is being fully alive, present, and joyful in all aspects of my life. And if it’s not “juicy” or joyful, I can make adjustments so I can continue to grow, be present, and be juicy. I know it sounds like a sex thang but it’s not!

Day 1 practice of remembering the life that i want to live….

My desired outcome regarding my job is to learn as much as I can while continuing my schoolwork to pass my nurse practitioner boards easily so I can make more money.

I remember when I took the test! I was a little nervous but also confident that I had all the knowledge inside my pretty head just waiting to manifest onto the test and show my competence. I remember clicking the choices easily knowing the right answer. I remember sitting in my car afterwards thinking, “HOLY SHIT! I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and I am cool as fuck”. Yup, that was awesome! I love being a PMHNP. #goodtimes #rememberingmyjourney #findingmyjuicy

So I begin my journey. Classes for my PMHNP program start tomorrow. Life is going to get busier and I can’t wait. I will be chronicling my Remembering Process, please join me if you want to remember your greatest life and then live it!

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