Monday of Covid

It’s been an interesting day of information and information and more information. Today is about the sixth week of stay home, stay safe, sheltering in. I am still blessed to be working with my mentally ill resident.

Monday’s are always an interesting blend of what the fuck’s after the weekend. We sent two people to the hospital this past week: increased paranoia, anxiety, noncompliance with meds, and destablized. Life is hard when you are seriously mentally ill and in quarantine. They have very few pleasures in life and community or campus time is a valued treat.

To us, it is such a hardship to be restricted from gathering at restaurants, schools, clubs, bars, libraries, and stores, to name a few of the luxuries we are now denied. We were blessed to get up and go whenever we wanted. At least those of us with money and privilege are able to do.

However, for those that are already living restricted lives, this is even harder. Explaining a pandemic and quarantine to people with already limited insight is an exercise in disappointment, grief, and increased despair for the residents and the providers. It never feels good to restrict someone, limit, or withhold life’s pleasures. And going to Wild Bill’s for a bag of cheap tobacco is a ridiculous pleasure.

Today, the Governor elaborated on the slow, controlled opening of our state. Wear masks. Continue to social distance. Most businesses still closed but you can travel to your residences. lol that is some privilege there. To have the option of going to another home, more remote, more distanced. While those living in poverty, certain socio-demographic populations, in the city, can not CHOOSE to socially distance or quarantine. They are the essential sacrificial lambs that live in closed quarters, poverty, paycheck to paycheck with no option to buy masks and yet required to still work and wear one.

All of that is a lot of information and an awful lot of responsibility. Yes, it is my responsibilty to help others. I will donate to the food bank. I will support every “starving” artist that I can afford to support. I will buy local. I will donate masks. I will offer a hand up whenever I can.

Because I can. Because I am blessed beyond words to be able to choose to help someone. Because all of my needs are satisfied and I know that my wants are merely….wants.

I am blessed to have my children reaching out. Tonight my son asked me to cut his hair!!!

What an imaginable pleasure to spend that intimate moment with my son. I am so blessed to have come through and to the other side of the rough and hateful teenage years that we experienced together. I never thought we would get to this happier, more comfortable place together. And he trusted me to snip his hair. OH MY HEART is BURSTING with love and juicy joy! #findingthejuicy

Isaiah 20 yrs

Today had other highlights and juicies.

I was asked to be interviewed and featured in our company newsletter featuring a journey to being a nurse in honor of nurses’ week. OH MY STARS! What an honor. I was able to choose 2-3 photos of that journey.

I chose one from nursing school at Lansing Community College.

2015 Lansing Community College
Cherie Craft & Me!

Then of me and the kids when I was in my Bachelor’s of Science program at University of Michigan-Flint.

From back left to right: Ned, Callie, Aurora, Kateri, and Natalie
Front left to right: Isaiah, Alexis, and Jesse

And now, me, in grad school working on my psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner license (MSN-PMHNP).

Wow. Wow. Just wow.

2020 current Student of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program (MSN-PMHNP)
Walden University

I am thankful for the time today to pause and appreciate me, my job, my journey as a nurse, mother, and friend.

Because my friends sent me this and I got it today.

I am so very blessed. Covid quarantine sucks. Isolating sucks. But reaching out and finding, teasing out, and truly treasuring each tendril of connection, gently nurturing it with love and appreciation is a gift and a blessing.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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