Valentine’s Day: to do it or not to do it

I am a romantic at heart. I love to be romantic. I love to surprise my love with gifts, flowers, and little somethings. Some of which are my undivided touch and attention. Some of which are gifts and tokens or words. A touch. A kiss. A brush against the back. On the knee. Or sweet kisses. I like to do these things.

I love these things done to me. I love being romanced and woo’d and made to swoon.

I love it.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day. in fact, Valentine’s Day is a moot commercial holiday if you are not loving on the daily basis.

That being said and maybe i will say it again. Fuck the saint it’s supposed to be named after. Fuck hallmark in their capitalistic hijacking and commodification of love.


On the day to day business of living in this crazy, frantic, and hectic, multi-tasking, downtime shaming world of more more MORE…

sometimes we get tired. Sometimes we get complacent. Sometimes we forget to show those little (my first attempt at that word was “tittle” which i find incredibly TE-telling!) tokens of our love and appreciation for those we absolutely love and adore. It’s some bullshit.

It really is. Its some bullshit that we forget to do those little niceties. We forgot to brush our hand across their butt. Or we forget to give a kiss on the neck. We forget to say thank you, i love you, you’re wonderful, i need and want you. We rush and stay stuck in some stupid spaces. We forget to get unmad. We forget our gratitude. We forget our joi de vive. We forget to love our others and ourselves.

So having a specific day, designated to say

is an okay thing with me.

Valentine’s, Galentine’s Day, V-Day

Whatever you want to call it, I like to take this day to tell people (DO IT MORE!) that I love them and I appreciate them. They are special to me and such a vital and important part of my life. An important part in what makes my life so fucking joyous and juicy.

Loving you makes my life even juicier.

Who doesn’t want that?

#findingthejuicy #lovinglife #lovingme #happyvday

1 thought on “Valentine’s Day: to do it or not to do it”

  1. You’re abslurely right !!! It should be done daily in any way, shape or form… we ALL need that re assurance.. those love taps.. you are as FABULOUS as they come… never forget that… xoxo


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