here’s my day

Here’s how my day went.

I was able to get up after a hectic 7.5 hours of sleep, according to my fitbit.

My neck is increasingly stiff and painful, regardless of the stretching, creams, and ibuprofen I have been using.It makes for a slow start and everything else seems to be stiffer and stiffer.

Note to self: retire someplace warmer but not too harsh on the skin

Get some kundalini yoga in because the energy in me needs the collective energy of joining with my body and everyone else doing yoga. And yeah. All that. I need my kundalini.

Hit the office running with a call that a resident is refusing medications unless I get to the house to observe his first self-administering med pass.

Um no. We didn’t have an appointment.

Yeah, I am all for your independence but this feels a bit manipulative and yeah, there was no appointment. And since you have missed three of the last appointments that you made, forgive me if I am a little disbelieving of your commitment to growth and independence in this situation.

Figure out if the other location is ready for me to drive over and administer an injection.Did they get the meds? Is the resident in? What is going on? Nobody is responding.Sigh.Coordinated the delivery of the medication.

Prepared supplies. Will travel.

Busy work, busy work, read emails. Think about the upcoming admissions. Respond to what the nursing needs are.Prepare for admission.

Get the medication.Leave for other location.Administer injection.Meet some more of the guys at other location.New face. Everyone has a story for the nurse.Appreciate y’all so much!! Oh and by the way, we haven’t had a nurse in ages and would you please destroy this guy’s meds.The guy died several months ago.


And the staff has been counting these some 200 pills because there hasn’t been a nurse consistently on site to destroy the narcs. Sigh.Yes, of course. Let’s do it.Destroy meds.


Hit the road.

Back to busy, busy. Admission is HERE!RX’s transferred.

Time to meet the new girl and do an assessment.YAY!She’s a hoot and I already like her a lot.

She called me beautiful and she has a beard. Of course I love her!

Leave for home. I don’t work too late but oh yikes!So much schoolwork to do. I feel so behind. I’m not.But there are upcoming events and I have a lot to do.

Now where are those banners and tablecloths and OH YEAH! Where’s the cc??

Sheesh.Cook some dinner.Read a research article.Put in the reference.Take notes.Write two lines.Work on the bacon.

More research.The sausages are done.the cauliflower is cooking.

Oh yay!

My son showed up. He cut his growing dreads OFF! He is such a handsome guy but sheesh he needed a better barber.

Kitchen is cleaned.

house is cold.

My back hurts I am so cold.Why am I so cold?lol old habits of being so damn frugal will persist.

Somebody please come and warm my toilet seat?Pretty please?

Back to the computer.Still cold.Why didn’t I get a robe?

I must be getting tired.But I am in a flow with writing this paper.I responded to two discussion board posts and got some good ideas down for the other paper.I’m gonna handle this shit.


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