It’s another snow day!

When the kids were little, snow days didn’t have the same meaning for my kids as they had for other kids. When my kids were little, I homeschooled them. So we could claim weather challenges and “take off” any day that we chose. However, our homeschooling was our life! So even when it was a “snow day”, the snow was an occasion for teaching. They were all teachable moments.

I taught my kids fractions using our family as an example. Our family was 1/10th black. It was 1/5 white. And it was 7/10ths brown. And now we are 2/9ths white and 7/9ths brown. We solidified fractions using measuring cups and cooking and baking and creating in the kitchen. We made homemade playdough and walnut lace cookies. We learned to apply math in our daily lives through math interactions making it applicable and relevant.

I loved math. I loved the detail and sensibleness of it. I loved figuring it out and I loved the logic and sequence of it. I taught my kids using at least two different math programs that offered several ways to compute. Lol. I don’t know if they enjoyed it at the time. But I have nurses, scientists, skilled trades, artists, and energy workers in my offspring so I think I have prepared them fairly well.

We read. We read so many, many, many books. We read age appropriate books. We loved Goodnight Moon. I love you forever. But we also loved saints books and the bible. I didn’t want my kids to be illiterate with bible passages like so many Catholics are. So we read the bible and Chronicles of Narnia. We read Lord of the Rings and Green Eggs and Ham. We enjoyed Charlotte’s Web and Mrs. Piggly Wiggly. We read voraciously. We read every single day. I loved it so much. It was a time to cuddle and a time to listen and be still. It generated discussions and it created brain synapses. #readingoutloud #readingtokids

It was so amazing. It was a beautiful blessing and the best decision I ever made in parenting my children. I am thankful for that time and look forward to spending time with my grandchildren reading out loud.

The snow days were fun. The frozen pond was fun. I remember going out at night after testing the strength of the ice. We would set boundaries for playing on the pond. Scraping the snow from the ice. We set out lanterns and lights marking the borders. The kids would get their skates out and we would bundle up for a night time adventure. Out on the ice, the kids would tumble and run and race. The dog would be outside. Even the cat came out on the ice. Although Michael was an extra special and dedicated family member and not your average cat.

Today, mid-Michigan was blessed with a snow day. We got about 8 inches of snow last night. I was highly motivated (I GUESS??!!) and got my lovely ass outside and shoveled my whole driveway. It was misting and raining a little bit while I was shoveling so when I came inside, I was wet from sweat and rain. It was gloriously juicy. I felt good. I feel sore now but I feel alive. I am feeling.

I am proud of myself for getting active today. I am even more pleased with myself for planning for the snow day. How did I do that? By stocking up? Clearing the shelves in anticipation of snowmageddon?

I made chili!!!! I made a roaster of chili. I have a freezer stocked with lunchables with chili. I have chili in my fridge. And chili is the best on a snow day. I made a fabulous corn bread casserole to go with the chili.

I found my meditation mantra today. I have used many mantras but today I found one in which I could sink into my whole body. I was in search of some relief for my neck pain. I know my neck pain is due to sitting at a computer but most importantly it is due to stress, fear, worries, and anxiety due to worrying about stuff too much. HOlding on to controlling something.

Today, I found the mantra, breathe in “I am enough”, while breathing in I am visualizing an expanding space in my vertebra where the pain is most focused, filling that space with I am enough. While I breathe out, I am repeating” I have enough” while I visualize emptying out, breathing out, worries about sales, worries about money, worries about school, worries about relationships, worries, worries, worries, as my breath leaves my body. With the next breath in, as I inhale “I am enough”, the space in my neck expands to fill with “enoughness” pushing out my exhale, “I have enough” and releasing worries, worries, worries, clearing space for my next expansion of filling up with “I am enough” breaths.

My neck is looser. I will continue with this practice. Today, I centered myself and found myself, little bits of me. I filled up myself with myself. #findingthejuicy #bestsnowday #littlebits

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