What does Christmas look like now?

Happy christmas. Christmas without kids looks so different. It feels so different. Different is not bad. Different is just different. That’s okay. I still feel the magic. I still love the lights. I will still do what I love about this holiday. But today is different.

My kids are all grown. They are out of the house and they don’t get train sets. Or race tracks. Or legos. Or k’nects. No more American girl dolls or noisy toys. No more bustling to get meals done so I can sit and enjoy. No more messy living room with newspaper wrappings and scrap paper mess (just that frugal, I HATE using christmas wrapping paper, what a waste!) No more little kids stacking toys. No more organizing and clearing out toys. My life has once again shifted, changed, and my new normal will take some getting used to. Not bad. Just different.

I woke up feeling magical. More magical than i have felt in a long time and that feels good. I have been working super hard. I haven’t been feeling myself but i have started kundalini yoga again. I like the way i feel in my body after yoga. Why do I forget that? but no, beating myself up today.

Today is magical. Even without kids, it is a magical time for me because I want it to be a magical time. I didn’t decorate a lot but I did set up a tree and put lights on it. I bought extra yummy candles. I have some fiber optic lighted trees around the house. All of those ornaments, I fastidiously wrapped and put away (unless it was a rough year, then they got tossed in the box) were not used this year. That huge box of Christmas books that I was committed to reading every year out loud to the kids? Yup. Sat in the basement. #thatsok #stilljuicy

It’s just different. There was no Los Posadas fun going on in the dark throughout the house. No shoes/boots left out for St. Nicholas. No wreath crown for St. Lucia day. No burning cookies. sigh. lol It’s just different. Not bad. Sort of good. Just different.

As we work our way towards more light, I commit to finding my light again. Finding my juicy again. I feel I have dimmed. I don’t want to dim my shine. And so maybe something else needs to change too. Not bad. Just different. #justdifferrent

I was on my quest to find my juicy. I found it. It was sweet and juicy like a peach, with some fuzziness. This coming year I will manifest more juicy but it will be #juicylikeaplum

Life will be smooth and juicy. Succulent, sweet, smooth, and sticky like a plumb. Blessed Be.

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