I am happy today. I haven’t been very happy lately. I did a couple things differently.

I fasted today. Not only does the slight twinge of hunger and emptiness in my gut feel good, my mind is focused and sharp. I like it. I am going to remember this feeling so when I do my next 24 hour fast next Monday, I will not struggle. I will know my body will thank me for giving my gut a rest.

I also got to work early. I listened to a new book on the way to work. That wasn’t new but it was enjoyable. I didn’t lay around in bed a long time wishing to stay in bed. I had a plan for today and I wanted to make it successful.

Oh that’s right! I had a plan for today. Start meditating (will do when I finish this blog). I am subscribed to Audible and one of the free perks is free yoga flows, meditations, and other mind-body talks. It’s great. I am doing a 21 day meditation. I am on day 3!

I also planned to do yoga. I did a 25 minute yoga flow this afternoon. It was a nice flow of stretching and static strength poses. It was yummy. #findingthejuicy #yogaflow

I had planned to stay in Grand Rapids but changed my mind and drove home. I finished unpacking Dusty. I grabbed a better suitcase to pack for my stays in Grand Rapids.

I changed my clothes. That’s half the battle for me when I am trying to get back into a workout routine. Get in the gear. Leggings. Check. Tank. Check. Industrial strength sports bra. Check.

I DID IT! It’s been a struggle to get my butt in gear and work out. But I did it today.


I don’t want to slide back into a rah rah me blog. But Today was big for me. I stuck with my plan and for that I need to give myself some love.


I will be back to exploring my exploring in Grand Rapids but for today, I am proud of me.

Thanks for reading.

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