Thankful today

  1. For my life
  2. My health
  3. My belly
  4. my brain
  5. my legs
  6. my eyes
  7. my eyelashes
  8. my kitchen and stove and sink
  9. my new mattress & the warmth of sinking into it
  10. my children that are close and came to hang out: Aurora, Callie, and Isaiah
  11. For the food Callie brought home
  12. Isaiah hung out and acknowledged he wasn’t paying attention
  13. I have a new porch rail. Thank you Monica Murray
  14. I got some of my cooking done today
  15. I finished an assignment that I was really struggling with. I finished it a week early.
  16. Facebook groups, friends
  17. producing a festival
  18. winter–i am excited to hibernate!!
  19. My home
  20. My dogs
  21. my new slippers
  22. frozen foods that came out so tasty
  23. coffee with my bestie!!!
  24. Whipped cream
  25. coffee
  26. pumpkin pie
  27. yoga
  28. meditation
  29. breathing
  30. YOUTUBE—sheesh i have learned so much on youtube
  31. discovering how to do an infographic
  32. my job lets me flex my time
  33. I have a big window looking out from my desk
  34. My co-worker is cool af
  35. She helps me so much
  36. my supervisor appreciates me
  37. I love the campus i work on
  38. i love Grand Rapids night life
  39. I love the cozy little nook I have to stay in
  40. I have the best best friend ever
  41. I have the best co=producer ever
  42. i have an amazing team
  43. i have a loving and supportive tribe
  44. i have people that will help guide our work
  45. I have people
  46. i have a bus
  47. i have a super cool bus
  48. i have money in the bank
  49. i ahve a reliable care
  50. i have great kids
  51. i have a really great life.


#findingthejuicy #attitudeofgratitude #thankfulday #thankful #thankyou

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