Out on the town at Creston Vibes

I was too tired to write my blog last night after the open mic. I opened my facebook to several comments that were festering to be a big brouha in the women’s music festival community.

It takes just one comment, one more comment, and then a post to set off a rumor mill that my womyn’s music festival is not supportive of accessibility. Not only was it intimated that we were doing something illegal but we were also reportedly ignoring or deleting questions about it.


Now that felt like a sucker punch. I was thoroughly enjoying myself at the amazingly cool and fun Creston Brewery, eating good food, and enjoying a lovely Blueberry Dutch wheat beer that was brewed by a talented (and cute!!) brew mistress. When I checked my Facebook after the event, I felt quite badly that it had blown up like this. I removed the one post that I saw. I updated the website and once I had confirmed that it was correct, I sent a private message to the person that posted. I told her that I had just seen the message…wait. I will just cut and paste what I sent to her…

“Hi XX–we are not charging more for ARC admission. Unfortunately, we had a LARGE amount of people that camped in ARC just to use the electricity. To thwart misuse of ARC space and resources, we discussed charging for ARC but just like you thought, we decided it was punitive, so we decided against it. I just didn’t convey that message to the web design. I removed your post and am updating the website. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.”

I did make a public post. I responded to several questions. It began. What started as a mess up on my part, turned into a great discussion on accessibility and respect for the seen and unseen and urgent needs of women with disabilities requiring varying levels of assistance to manage their ADL’s. It brought to the front of our thoughts that we all have different needs and that we cannot always see what the obstacles or barriers are because it is not our lived experience. It is good to hear and learn what obstacles are so we can improve them. I am still undecided whether I wish I had remembered to update the website or whether it was a blessing. Lol. The lesson is good but I hate messing up! #findingthejuicy #pridegoesbeforeafall

All’s well that opens a healthy and respectful productive discussion.

Back to my night in Grand Rapids! Thanks for humoring my sidebar!

Creston Brewery has a wonderful list of beers. The wait staff is deliciously sweet and attentive. They offered me an umbrella when I went outside to smoke since it was raining.

The theme of Creston Vibes was “Brevity, brief, concise, to the point”.

Well, I do not know what the hell I was thinking. I couldn’t think of a thing to say.

I sat there and pondered. I was hoping for some inspiration from the people at the brewery but I didn’t feel any tinglings of ideas. I was hoping I would find something when I heard the hosts, Kyd and Bri, but I didn’t get a vibe. Or maybe I did.

I thought of a story about my residents during my last Smoking Cessation group at the group home. I think I have shared the story before here so I won’t share it again but I think I did a fair job of telling the story. It didn’t feel as good as when I told stories about my lesbian life or about my kids. But it was good. I was glad to do it. I was happy to speak to people and tell stories. It also felt really good to be remembered by the hosts. Kyd said that she was happy to be called a dyke by me in my blog.


Another successful Grand Rapids adventure is in the book! Thanks GR.

#coolkidsclub #feelingmyself #thankscrestonvibes #findingthejuicy #queendexploresGR

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