I have missed writing my blog. But it seems, I didn’t know what my content should be now that I have finished several personal challenges. Each one was super focused and task driven on personal achievement and self-improvement. It was great. It was fulfilling. It was purposeful and effective. I grew a lot during those challenges and I am grateful that I pushed myself through some painful moments triumphantly with grace, elegance, and pizzazz. #gome #findingthejuicy #lovingmesomedawn

I thought I would be too busy with family, school, work, and social activities to have time or energy to write anything besides papers. But I miss writing these things down. I just didn’t know what to write about in this blog.

I guess I am a “real” writer now. Here I am trying to figure out what the hell to write.

Then I realized, I have all kinds of things to write about but I have to change the focus of the message from total self-improvement immersion and challenges to sharing my experiences and my life, especially from the perspective of my travels, travails, tribulations, and triumphs of commuting 2+ hours a day, or staying at a festie sister’s home in Grand Rapids, living the life of a glorified vagabond, managing work, life, school, kids, relationships, and learning this city through music and poetry events. Yeah, I think I have stories to tell.

A friend of mine recommended that I try accupressure massage. She had went to one at the local shopping mall and her experience was exquisite. She felt it was thorough and made a lot of changes in her body. She knows that I have been experiencing quite a bit of neck pain and thought I would benefit from the pressure and this particular form of massage.

I will not be available to go to the mall since it is quite the drive for me and now I am super busy. I tried to find a provider in the Grand Rapids area. I started by searching for the particular name of the business. No luck. there was a massage place in the Woodland Mall but it did not claim to be an accupressure massage. I kept looking.

I finally found a listing online for an accupressure massage. In fact, the business name was Accupressure Massage. Okay. Not really creative but it conveys the service provided. Great.

When i called for an appointment, I was told no appointment necessary. Okay….that’s nice for me since I can’t plan much in advance not always knowing if I will go home or stay in Grand Rapids. The accent was Asian. Yay! I figured I would be getting the real deal, the original home of accupuncture.

It was located in a fairly good neighborhood on the eastside of Grand Rapids. It was a house on the side of the road, surrounded by other businesses and strip malls. I started getting a little nervous. The sign was neon and flashed. Just like the Asian Massage place in Portland that has gotten raided at least 3 times for providing massages with “happy endings”. Big breath in and out.

I am getting a little bit nervous at this point. What am I getting myself into? I do not know. But it seems I might get a good massage…and an adventure. lol I was willing to take the chance and try something new and out of my comfort zone.

When I went in there was a young Asian woman there facetiming with her friend. She quickly ended the call to ask me how she could help. Her English was limited and I had a difficult time understanding her heavy accent. I was able to clarify that I would like an hour massage.

when she took me to the room, she did not specify face down or face up, there wasn’t a face guard so I wasn’t sure. And there weren’t very many blankets or sheets. I was perplexed. My friend didn’t undress for her massage. Then again, her massage was at the mall.

I didn’t undress. I just sat and waited. When she came back, she was confused too, “you no undress”. No, I will undress. When she came back this time, I had undressed and tried to tuck the too small sheet around me. She walked in, giggled, and whipped the sheet off and covered me with a towel that barely covered my BUTT! lol all righty then.

The massage was intense. It was pleasurable. It was hard and deep and different than I have ever experienced. She was not meticulously about keeping me covered. She climbed on the table and applied deep pressure. She dug her elbows in. She stood over my head and percussed me.

It was completely different from what I have experienced in the past. I am so grateful that I got to have this great massage. I could have been freaked out instead I am relaxed and chill writing now telling you about my new life in GR. #queendexploresgr

Thanks for listening peeps. Love you. I’m thankful you read my blog. #gratitudeattitude

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