When your parents suck…find your FRamily

You know that time when your parents claimed your child as their child and acted like they had any part in raising him?Yeah. That fucking sucks.Remember that other time, your parents sat and ignored you as they pretended to be your son’s parents and they sat and ignored their daughter while having a great conversation with their daughter’s abuser?Yeah, that happened too.My parents ignored me while they chatted with the man that abused me for 14 years. My parents sat and chatted with the man that abused and neglected his children for years.
And yet, they had CPS and the cops at their door AGAIN (what is this about the 6th time?) for the way they allow their son and their 6 grandchildren to live in a barn.
I can’t make this shit up.
My parents defended my brother’s parenting his children while living in a barn with his 6 children and their chickens to CPS because GOD knows they don’t want their baby boy to get in trouble at the detriment of their 6 grandchildren.
I seriously can’t make this shit up.
Riddle me this.
Is it because I am a woman or a lesbian that my parents hate me?Since it started years before when they allowed my brother to scream N**GER while my brown children were present and they told my kids to lie to me and not tell me about their racism, I have to believe it is because I am a woman.
My parents are evil people.Hate me. Block me. Unfriend me.
I don’t give a fuck.My #findingthejuicy involves also speaking my truth OUT LOUD.I don’t stand on the sidelines for injustice.I don’t sit quietly for abuse.I dont’ pretend abuse, intolerance, racism is NON_existent because it might make someone uncomfortable.
And I am portrayed as the crazy one. Kind of patriarchal isn’t it?A woman is ALWAYS the crazy one even when she is NOT.A woman is always the one that is unjustly judged, unfairly tried, unfairly sentenced if it is against a man or the patriarchy.
You are wrong. You are evil. You are racist. You hate me. You hate girls. You defend abusers. You defend child neglectors. You defend drug addicts, porn addicts, and victim blame those that have been raped.
YOU SUCK ASS. I understand why you steal my sons. Your worthless life was spent raising your kids. You have nothing else to show for it. Motherhood is a worthy calling. But when all you do is raise asshole abusive, drunk, addicts, I guess I can understand why you want to take credit for my amazing children.
I said it. I said it all. My parents are racist.My parents are liars.My parents lie to the police to let abuse continue.My parents lie to CPS to defend an adult addict but not protect kids.#imnotthecrazyone

I am in a lot of pain right now. I miss my son. I miss my kids. I worked so hard to raise good kids. It was my primary purpose. So when one graduates to their next phase of life, I feel a loss. It was so easy to be close to them when they were inside me or breastfeeding or completely dependent on me.

I know it is part of life. Transitions and letting go is challenging. I usually cry a lot. But to have this whole other layer of hurt and betrayal is hard as fuck. I will be okay. I am not owning their shittiness. I did the best I could with what I had and what I knew. We all do.

So fuck you parents. Fuck you Calvin Cross for never standing up to that woman. Fuck you for never standing up for your kids. Fuck you for letting her enable a grown man to destroy his life because you always bailed him out. Fuck you Jeanine Cross for being a racist, misogynist, homophobic, woman hating woman. FUCK YOU FOR HATING YOUR DAUGHTER.


Fuck you all who are fucking milque toast and can’t defend women and children. FUCK YOU ALL FOR “not getting in the middle”. Not taking a side is taking a mother fucking side.

Fuck you Ed SMITH, wife and child abuser, porn addict, and drug addict.

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