I want my cunt back. Thank you very much.

Can a subgroup reclaim a word that has historically been used as an insult?

In the past, dyke was an insult but it seems we, some lesbians, have reclaimed it.

What about pussy?

Does the word offend you?

Vagina? Which actually means sheath for a sword is a socially acceptable word but it is quite disgusting that a primary part of me that defines me as a woman is defined in relation to a man.

How about cunt? Cunt is such a slur. The most awful insult someone can say to someone else.

I don’t agree with it. I won’t accept it. You don’t get to use MY body part as an insult.

Why the fuck is this the world’s story?

How about this?

How about the worst insult be scrotum instead of cunt?

Or ballsack.


What are your thoughts?

Is cunt the worst possible word in the world? Why?

I want it back. I want my body part names to be something that denotes a thing of beauty and wonder and majesty. I want my body to be revered.

Can we reclaim words? Can we seize it back from the centuries of its misuse of our cunts, the word and definition? I say, yes. Let’s remember that cunt not just a descriptor of slutty women and bitchy women but a reference to a Great Goddess, a powerful, enlightened woman!

#reclaimcunt #cuntcentric #findingthejuicy #juicyaf

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