Moldy, fire, pine trees, and loving life!

I should be reading the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, 6th edition tonight.  I have a quiz on APA formatting this week.  I also have a small paper due.  I am now the studious Master’s (seriously? I want to change it to the Mistress Program!)

Instead, I sprayed for poison ivy tonight.  I got on the quad and I rode pretty fast.  It was a shame I had the poison sprayer strapped to the front of the quad so I couldn’t let her rip even more than I did. 

It was hot and sexy and fun as hell. 

At least in my mind, it was hot and sexy.  I have this vision of myself, sexy and soft and hard all at the same time.  In my mind, I don’t see the muffin top.  It is always shocking to see a photo of myself. Lol. I am fluffier in photos than in real life.

It’s my story.

Don’t rain on my parade.

I’m perfectly fine with having that belief about myself.

I think I carry myself a certain way because I have a certain vision of myself.

It’s a different vision with different people though.

I am much sexier and confident around some people.

I am pretty confident at my job too.

But not in a sexy sort of way.

AT least I don’t think so.  Maybe I’m sexy there too.

Some days, I’m feeling myself more than others.

I am rambling and happy and thankful.

I am sitting outside of my lovely motor home, Moldy.

She is such a wonderful old girl to us. Moldy our motor home. We have had so much life in and around Moldy. The first year of building MFR in 2017, so many people crashed on the couch and in the loft bed. It was fun, crazy, exhausting, and I sure do miss those days. SORT OF. #notreally #maybesomeofit

I have a motor home with a lovely patio area with a firepit. 

The fire is blazing. I made it myself. I am getting better at starting fires. This past weekend I have been the Queen of the Fire. I will enjoy it while she is with me.

The weather was dry and sunny today!!! It has been so wet and soggy in Michigan. Today, the wind was blowing but it was warm, dry, and sunny!!!

I rode my quad through the lovely pine forest.

I worked  around the camp, prepping for the work crew.

I am also quite blessed to love my job. I enjoy my co-worker. We get along swell. She’s having a baby in the spring!!! BABY!!! lol yes.

I also get to enjoy variety at my job. I can set my pace and schedule (mostly). Today, I was quite busy working on everything. It was fun visiting the homes, talking to people, just being in the place and available. That’s what I get to do.

I also have quite a bit of MFR organization and planning that I want to “put a dent in” while my work load is lighter.

I want to get program information organized earlier this year. So I wrote it up. Found the press kits. Put it together. Created new files in my mac. Organized files for easier retrievability.

It will be important for me to prioritize my time and my tasks. Create some balance and Do the work as I go so it doesn’t slam me late in the game along with other potential projects. I know what I have right now and I have availability to tackle some tasks right now rather than later.

My life is going to get busier soon with a heavier class load.

That’s cool.

So today, I formatted the performer bios for the program. The program has been a challenge for me for the last couple years. Last year was better but there is so much room for improvement. Today, I started working on it so I won’t forget things in last minute panic and then once again regret the program.

I also did two nursing assessments and met with 6 other consumers.

I renewed medications for 15 consumers.

I responded to several emails.

I was productive as fuck and it felt so damn good.

I was in the flow.


I was in the flow.

Now to recreate it because me in the flow is a glorious thing.

Grab some popcorn, y’all!

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