When the women gather…

I”M HERE!! I’m at Ohio Lesbian Festival where all womyn identified can gather. I’m at a lesbian festival. I am surrounded by women. Women. WOMEN! WOMEN>

I see tents and tents and canopies and campers. There are tarps and suitcases. Banners and tapestries. Solar lights and pop ups. Coolers and ice. There are rugs and chairs and so many different varieties of tents. There are women here.

I already am starting to feel different. There are women here. They don’t even bother wearing clothes. It’s a safe space. There are women. Women. Women.

My camp is set up. It’s quite lovely with a dark room technology black out tent. I have a canopy. A lovely yellow canopy like a mishapen tweety bird graciously spreading her wings and protecting my little kitchen, den, living room, and possibly changing room. I have tables and chairs and a cook stove and coolers and rugs. It’s quite homey. It should be; we brought everything. #glamping #olf19

It’s hard to describe the energy shift that happens when you separate yourself from men and live ina tent. In a field or in a pine tree forest. On the coast (either one!) or in the mountains. The energy changes when women gather in a separate space from the rest of the world (let’s be real, from men!) It’s beautiful and energizing. We are validated and see and can breathe.

We release that tight hold we have on ourselves. We breathe easier. We shed some clothes. We shed some armor. We shed the walls and the fears that we put up and maintain while in the rest of the world.

We dress up or undress. We fuck. We laugh. We drink. We don’t drink. We shop. We be women. We are warriors and witches. We are maidens, mothers, and crones. We are fearless and willing to be something different.

We are seen so we see.

I’m so fucking happy to be here.

We (my co-producer and I) weren’t planning on coming to Ohio Lesbian Festival. Then we decided to come. We thought it would be good to enjoy a festival without the pressure of producing a festival. We greatly enjoy our festival but it’s a different way to enjoy the festival.

Each festival has its own energy. It also is a different experience for each person that is there whether as a worker, crew, organizer, producer, or festie. Each person has a unique experience but also a common experience.

I’m thankful for the womyn that make Ohio Lesbian Festival possible. Thank you

Pictures will be updated soon! Stay tuned.

Keep it juicy. Support women’s spaces. I am so happy. Be happy.

Thankful as fuck to be here.

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