Open Mic at Creston Vibes

Last night, I went to Creston Brewery for open mic and dinner. It was in a lovely neighborhood. Parking was a breeze (I forgot to mention how horrible it was to try to find parking when I went to Stella’s Lounge the other night. It’s a thing.) I was able to park on the street right in front of the brewery. There were a lot of other options on the side street.

The brewery was much nicer than any other brewery I have been to before. The beer selection was good, too. I chose a blueberry brew. It was slightly sweet but not cloying or overwhelming. I enjoyed it a lot!

One complaint I have about open mics is that they never start on time. For most people that might not be a problem. I understand that the host is waiting for more people to show up. They are waiting for more people to sign up. But for those of us that work at 7am in the morning, it’s a challenge to stay for the whole open mic when it doesn’t get started until 930pm. Yes, I am that person that wants to be settled and tucked into my home by 9pm! #doingsomethingdifferent #newlife #notold

The first poet was incredibly talented. She spit out the poem lamenting the treatment of women in this patriarchal world. Her words were rapid fire and on point. She was incredibly talented and fun to listen to. She was invited to come back…and to rap. I was blessed to hear her.

The hosts of Creston Vibes Open Mic were Kyd Kane and Bri (???). Bri went to MSU so she had jokes about burning couches. As a local, I can appreciate the humor in that. Kyd seems to be from Chicago. Both lesbians. #lesbianseverywhere Although, I suspect they might identify as queer. They were both very funny and had great energy between them. They both also spoke one of their poems. They talked more than the hosts at The Drunken Retort but they were entertaining and the crowd and sign up was smaller so that made sense.

Before the hosts had started talking, I did something. I decided to take the next logical (fuck logic) step in pursuing my speaking career: I signed up for the open mic. The theme was “Intoxication”. I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about but I was going to tell a story.

Then I started kind of freaking out. But then when the hosts got up to talk, they told a story about what the rules are for Creston Vibes (love and peace: PEACE and LOVE, it’s a #crestonvibething) talk about whatever you want. When someone says “peace and love”, you respond with “LOVE AND PEACE”. They told the story about how one week the theme was boogers and a woman got up and told the story that she ATE HER BOOGERS.

Either way, I realized that whatever I said would be okay. Whatever i said might be better than someone else. Regardless, I would be doing something different. I would be pursuing my dream. I would be taking steps to my next life! #findingthejuicy #livingmybestlife #prepping4newlife

I got up there. I was part of the open mic which had the extra bonus of getting me a discounted $1 pint of the beer of my choice (YAY Blueberry splash!). I thought it would take forever to get to my name on the list. Then she looked at me and said, “Dawn?” I know my eyes got huge as she asked me, ” are you ready”?

I told a story. I told a story about my daughter being intoxicated and calling me out about some texts between me and a woman. I told the story about coming out to my 8 kids 8 years ago because my daughter got drunk enough to confront me about some texts that her sister had seen. I was funny. I was engaging. I could have talked longer but I didn’t know!

So yeah. I did it. I’m going to do it again. And again and again and again. Until all of my dreams come true. #keepworking #lovemylife #lovingmehard

Creston Vibes gets 5 juices for the following reasons:

  1. relaxing vibes
  2. 4 lesbians performed (5 including me!)
  3. the deviled eggs were amazing
  4. the beer was amazing
  5. ample seating
  6. ample parking
  7. safe enough space that I GOT UP to speak!

Maybe you will join me next week!

Creston Brewery1504 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505

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