Tuesday is juicy day

I had a most excellent Tuesday night.  It is so enjoyable being me.  I was listening to Oprah being interviewed by Brene Brown.  The theme was “being brave”.  Oprah was talking aboug how if you are doing “too good”, so many people will want to “throw shade” and bring you down, asking the question, “who do you think you are” and “you just too big for your britches”  or “you just think you are all that”.  Oprah said she had to grow into her response.  She wasn’t always comfortable with it but she became comfortable with the belief that she was going to become as big as she needed to become to be full of herself.  She wanted to be so secure and confident and comfortable with the belief that she WAS enough and be as fully herself as she wanted and needed to be.

I love that.  I love the idea of being bigger and fuller and more ME than I was yesterday or a year ago.  I love resting in my own power and the belief in my power and not being apologetic for being secure and comfortable with myself.

I am me.  Hear me Roar.  I am woman and I will soar.  I am large in my skin and in my flesh and in my spirit and in my zest.  I am woman.  Hear me Roard. I am lioness and so much more.  I am woman.  I am fully me and tomorrow I will be more me because I will grow and thrive and soar.

This video might have helped.

I got motivated to put some energy into my baby not so much a baby, L2L, Lansing lesbians group.  I created several events in https://www.meetup.com/Lansing-Lesbians-L2L/

A light tour in Dusty! It’s going to be incredible fun.  A trifecta weekend filled with a Half-way to MFR party, LGBT+ Prom, and Sapphic Superbowl weekend.  I posted.  I wrote.  I zoomed. 

It was marvelous.  I felt my energy soar. I felt my spirit engage. 

I was.  I am.  I felt.  I am feeling.

I planned an L2L night in GR.  Lol.  What the hell?  Why the hell not? 

I know that there are women that live in Grand Rapids that are part of L2L.  Now that I am here working every day, I figured I might as well take advantage of the numerous opportunities for live music in the Grand Rapids area. 

There is an open mic every night of the week, somewhere in the Grand Rapids area at various locations!! That is amazing. 

Tonight, I went to the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market.  It had numerous vendors selling soaps, artwork, jewelry, produce of varying degrees of purity by someone’s standards, beer, cider, food!  Lovely glorious food trucks!  It was amazing.

There was a live band too, Jessie Ray and the Carolina Catfish. They were a super awesome and fun rock band. Three other lesbians showed up. We laughed together. We shared food and libations. It was incredibly invigorating. I enjoyed doing something fresh and spontaneous and laughing with some different folks.

I am blessed to have a very lesbionic community. At no time, do I ever have to be without lesbians in my immediate vicinity. Except at work. I haven’t seen any lesbians at work but I’m sure they will reveal themselves. It feels incredible to broaden the community and meet new people. It is a little bit daunting but I accept the challenge. I always have. Mostly. Today, I accept the challenge and look forward to the thrill.

Happy Tuesday, readers.  Today, I truly embraced #findingthejuicy 

It was a gloriously, exciting and juicy day.  I was juicy.  My energy was juicy. 


I am motivated to help you and all find their juicy.  I will keep doing what I am doing.  I know that I smile wider when I find others to smile with and helping people to get to their smile is important to me. It seems that I might be sensing something that I should be doing and I want to listen to that thing that brings me the most juicy, the most joy, the thing that makes me smile biggest. Tonight I was smiling a lot. There was something fundamental in the feeling that prompted the smile. It was the activity of talking to the vendors, the women, the building, and the connecting.

Hmmmmm Universe, I am listening, keep speaking to me.

Stay tuned, my friends, I think I am about to take a turn heading to somewhere!

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