Gathering Time

I stayed at the farm Friday night. I got up Saturday morning, knowing that two short weeks ago, I woke up early, very early, so our crew could have our morning pp (pussy power) meeting to get ready for the day.

I woke up two weeks ago to the quiet and gentle sounds of women bustling around. Security was still making their rounds. And Sam’s silly tired laugh would make me laugh.

The grounds crew were getting ready to clean up the remnants of last night’s festivities. Performers weren’t moving around much. Marketplace women were slowly opening their stores. The coffee Goddesses from Bea’s Blends were making the marketplace smell like heave. The jane doors were starting to slam more frequently. Our little village was waking up to gather in our “triangle”. Sidebar: Thank you to whatever women said that the space on LV Lane was the “new triangle”. What an honor! Thank you.

Yesterday, I was quietly greeted with a humming bird that greeted me on the patio of Moldy. I drank my coffee. I walked through the trees wearing only my tank and panties. Was I safe? It wasn’t that one lovely, isolated weekend where we claim that tree farm as Framily Village so who knows? But yes, I was safe to wander and get naked in the pines. I listened to the quiet and the overwhelming noise of the forest. I quietly took a shower. I looked at the few signs left on the paths. I gathered solar stakes that were still in the ground, while leaving the “lamppost” lights.

I was sad not to see you all. Sad not to hear, “Hiya, sister”, “morning, sister”, or even hear some of the snoring that still was happening in the pines. The dust hasn’t all settled but it is settling. So I am not sad that Wayland Farm and MFR Village are resting and quiet. There is a time and a season for all things. Now is the time for putting things away, organizing, resting, and gathering, not necessarily in that order. I am ready for a gathering season. A season for me to gather myself in. I gather in all of the parts of me that were spread out during production time and during festival. I gather in the energy I left behind during Warrior Weekends and during late nights and early mornings during prod week. I am also gathering the strength and power from the Warriors and holding it close to my heart for those times when I am not so strong. I am gathering the joy from the sisters left behind in the pine tree rows. Joy from gathering together, joy from camping, joy from dusty exchanges on the paths, I gather in our framily joy. I gather in the safety of us. I gather in the strength and the determination of us to continue to find and hold space for each other.

I gather it all in. During this quiet time of missing and yearning, I use the gifts of the Year of the Mother to envision and create the idea and framework of the Year of the Dragyn. It will take a lot of strength to prepare for it. It will be huge. I summoned 1,000 womyn this year. They will arrive in 2020, the Year of the Dragyn, MFR’s 5th Anniversary. #cantwait4mfr20 #mfrmagic #iholdyouclose #mfr4ever #sistertimeinthepines

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