Celebrate ME!

Yes, yes, it’s true. I am a textbook Leo and I celebrate me all the time. AND I would very much appreciate it if you would celebrate me too. Hmmm Pretty much all the time. Meh. Sorry? Maybe. Self-aware? You bet. Completely self centered and narcissistic? Nope. I pay attention to others, in fact, I am incredibly attentive and caring and considerate with people. But yes, I do love attention. #dealwithitornot #loveme #stillloveme #findingthejuicy

This weekend in honor of it being my birthday month, I called work crew early. It was supposed to be 97 degrees on Saturday. I don’t care that we are two weeks out from Michigan Framily Reunion, 2019. I needed a break. I think the whole team needed a break.

But before the break, we worked! On Friday, I left work early to join two other Warrior Workers at the farm. It was a gloriously hot and deliciously juicy day. We worked on the water totes. We wandered around the trails. We fixed solar lights. We cleaned out totes. We were Goddesses and we were glorious. We took several showers in the brightness of full day, naked Goddesses getting cooler. Happy Birthday to ME!

We got up early and started working on Saturday. We worked until 1pm. While Ashley and Venice toiled on the water totes, Leslie, Sam, and Monica worked in the L2L Store. It is a lovely space with new (to us) shelves, lighting, windows for ventilation. The refrigerator, microwave, and freezer are all on pallets and ready to go! The morning went fast and soon it was time to eat and get ready for kayaking!

We ate lunch and we packed up to go hit the river in some kayaks. Well, ya know, some recreation requires a lot of work to make happen. So it was quite the ordeal to get ourselves going. We all met up in Hastings, there were 9 of us in several vehicles. We had to take the kayaks to Charlton Park. Then we took some cars to Tyden Park. Then back to Charlton Park to launch.

We launched into a busy lake that was full of wakes and boats so it was TOUGH paddling. It took 30 minutes or so of intense paddling to get to the slower river and out of the lake channel. WHOOOOOOOO! We are amazons.

It was lovely paddling after getting to the river. The Thornapple runs fast so it were moving along swiftly. One problem…the clouds were rolling in. Would we get caught in a storm? Would we paddle ahead of the storm?

We got his by the storm. It rained very hard on us for about 30 minutes. We kept paddling. It thundered a little bit. We kept paddling. It lightened up. We kept paddling. It continued to sprinkle. We kept paddling. It was the river that wouldn’t end. I was loving it. But it was also super hard. MY hands started hurting. My shoulders were hurting. Everyone was hurting. It just didn’t seem that we would ever get to the end of the trip.

Then I had to pee. We kept paddling looking for a good place to pull over and squat since the river was moving so fast. We kept paddling. There wasn’t a good spot to stop so I got to the rocks and jumped out and squatted. When I got down, I realized it wasn’t going to be that easy to get back into the kayak in the swift current. Damnit. I dumped the damn kayak. Fortunately, I had some help getting myself back combobulated. We kept paddling.

One of the best things about kayaking for me is to just float and paddle and see everything about me. I love to be one with the water. I love to talk to the birds. I talk to the turtles. I talk to all of the lives around me. I love them. As I was talking to the geese in my Dawn-esque way, this is what I said to the gaggle of geese, “Hello dear geese. Thank you so very much for taking the time to pay attention to me and say hello to me on the 20th day of my birthday month. Thank you for looking at me. I know you are pretending to ignore me but I KNOW YOU GOT THEM side eyes. I love you geese.” As I finished talking to them, we passed, and they took flight, flying over our heads, heading toward my friend Leigha who was a bit ahead of my kayak downstream. I said to them, “Goodbye sweet geese, thank you for your attention, now PLEASE do not SHIT on my friend”. Then they flew. 30 seconds later, Leigha yells out, “DAMN, that goose ALMOST SHIT ON ME. It plopped right ahead of my kayak”. Yes, I saved my friend from being plastered with goose shit. I am a good friend.

It was a gloriously long, exhausting, exhilarating, fulfilling, laughing, and loving trip. I was surrounded by women that love me. I was in and on the water. I worked my mind, body, and spirit in one with sisters and Mother. Happy Day 20 and 21 to me. #findingthejuicy #iloveme #thankyou

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