Why womyn’s space? Why MFR

Just some short thoughts this lovely steamy morning….

Michigan Framily Reunion is a private party for womyn. IT is not a party for everyone. It is on private property. It is funded completely by private parties. It is produced for women born women. It is produced, created, envisioned to create a safe space for women with vaginas that have lived in a patriarchal world that honors the penis. We choose for one weekend out of the year to honor the pussy. This festival is completely cunt-centric. We want to honor everything holy and sacred and silenced about womyn. For way toooooo many years and too many instances, we are silenced, we are made to feel smaller and less than just for being a woman. We are paid less, respected less. We have to work harder. We have to be better. We have to be more just to exist in a still unbalanced, unfair, and misoginistic world.MFR exists to make a beautiful space for womyn to just be womyn.We honor you womyn as mothers, creators, workers, and all that we are and can be.We lift you up in this space so you can be MORE for YOU and no one else.

If this is a space you need in your life for one weekend a year, please join us.www.michiganframilyreunion.com

If this is not something that you value, there are a million other festivals that will honor you as you. Please support the festival that makes your heart sing. #mfrmagic19#wbw#ilovewomyn

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