This weekend was magical. I am magical. You are magical.

Sitting around the campfire last night I was surrounded by beautiful women and illuminated by a powerfully hot and bright fire. The women and I had had worked hard all day on building some magic. It might not seem like magic to everyone but this is why I know what we do on Warrior Work Weekends is building magic.

We built outdoor showers. They are delightfully the perfect temperature that even when it’s a little chill in the woods, as it was last night. It is still standing under the stars being showered with warm water. Listening to the frogs and the crickets and the bats, while I lather my hair and scrub my dirt off. Surrounded by naked women that are gently lit up by the lanterns and the strung up headlamps. Soon enough, we will be enjoying the twinkling light of solar lights strung around the showers and the women will be beautiful and happy and together. Is it the lights? The outdoor shower? Yes, those are all amazing. But the gathering of the energy of the women that are safe and comfortable and love themselves and each other enough that they trust that they can shower together under the stars in the woods. #thatsmagic #mfrmagic2019 #yearofthemothermfr2019

After showering in the woods, we headed back to camp. Each of us feeling productive and proud of our day’s work. Not only did we start up the outdoor showers, we also hung a roll up door on the L2L Store. Two cute butches with assistance from the Boss Butch and one roll up door was hung and the beginning of the framework was installed at the other end. We dug out two post holes. One of them we dug out twice. It was tough, challenging, and very satisfying when the screws were set holding up the pole. #amazonstrong

photo credit Diane Scott
photo credit Diane Scott

One of our dear sisters took the time to do some fancy grilling and served us a delectable camp fare, prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloins with tropical salsa and Asian slaw. It was incredibly delicious. She was so happy to provide us with such delicious food. #blessed #thatsmagic #buildingcommunityL2L

After our bellies were full, we sat around the campfire. We sat huddled under the canopy of our dear summer home, Moldy. We drank and laughed and laughed and laughed. We walked in the dark and we danced. We got our feet wet wondering in the rain. We laughed. #thatsmagic

And the women were together. We felt safe. We felt loved. We felt honored. We felt cherished. Because we took the time to work. We worked physically. We also worked emotionally. Feeling the feelings of being with ourselves. We felt love. That’s magical. It’s amazing to come together. The energy is changed and purified. We become more and better. Or at least we could. And we do. We are. We are magical. What we do for each other and for the community is magical. #ilovemylife #findingthejuicy #findyourjuicy

photo credit Diane Scott
photo credit Diane Scott

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