The womyn are coming!

Today was a very exciting day.  As we continue to work and prepare forMichigan Framily Reunion, life has gotten exponentially busier.  We are in production mode.  I am finalizing travel preparations forperformers, stage crew, and terps.  I amfinalizing the line up for the performers including the sound checks.  I am working on tweaking site plans andappliccations for the township and for the county.  Life is busy. Life is really busy.

During the weekend, it is the time for the manual labor ofconstructing the structure of the festival. We are clearing spaces for food trucks that make more sense foraccessibility reasons.  We are setting upspaces for stores and for ice freezers and coffee shops. 

But it is magnificent and amazing and I love it so damn much

This week we were focusing on finalizing the week on theshowers.  We also wanted to build outsome elevation platforms for the water totes. Keep in mind these are 275 gallon totes of water.  275 gallons. That is 2200lbs!!!  Two tons.  We had some discussions on what would be thebest way to situate the various platforms. Consensus was not available today so it seemed that we needed to refocusour energy. 

Fortunately, we have learned the beautiful effect of thepause.  We have learned it is better totake time before we get stuck in a rut or before we say hurtful or words wecan’t return from.

Because it is hard to produce a festival in your “spare”time and the stress can become overwhelming. The different communication and work styles make it difficult.  I am not in my world.  Things don’t make sense but I want tounderstand.  It is hard. 

And yet. 

We persist.

We figure it out.

We find a new way to work.

We persevere.

 We work.  And we continued to work.  Each week getting more and more prepared.

We don’t have as much help as we would like.  It would be nice to have more.  But the women that are showing up areamazing.  I love them so. 

Today, we wanted the showers to start.

We have struggled with the showers not having enoughpressure.  Or they weren’t the righttemperature.  It took several weeks totry to figure out how to have the right everything including presentation forthe festival.  It was hard not to worryabout how it was going to work out this year. Since in the past it has been a struggle and a huge demand on time andresources.

When I was summoned to the showers to help, I was a littleconcerned. 

When I arrived at the showers, I was told to press thebutton to start the showers. 

I was immediately showered in WARM, perfect temperature,perfect pressure shower.

THE showers were ready to go!!!

I might have squealed a little bit.

Then I decided to do my little summoning.  I am summoning the women to the farm. I amsummoning them to this space. I am calling them.  I am calling them close to the heart. I amcalling them to be here in all of their beautiful women-ness.l

I yelled my guttural yell, “one thousand women”.  It was loud, it was blasty, it was powerful, it was HUGE. 

As we stood there with my yell reverberating around us a deercame out from the woods, looking frantic. She ran straight toward us.  Shecame within 30 feet.  Looked around.  Then took off running to towards thepond.  She got to the edge of thepond.  She looked around and shebasically dove into the pond.

I had her so riled up. 

The deer freaking jumped into the pond.  Swam acrossthe pond.  Let me repeat that.

She swam across the freaking pond.

The deer swam across the freaking pond.  She jumped out.




Just happened???

The deer ran towards us. She got some information.  She wasslightly frantic.  But she knew that sheneeded to urgently go


Thank you.  Thank you,Sister Deer.  Thank you for telling mysweet forest friends that we are coming. 

The Womyn are coming!

The WOMYN are coming



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