Loving life

I am happy today. Am i happier today more than yesterday? Why am I happier today? Let me think about that. What do I even mean when I say I am happy?

I had a meeting with my supervisor today. It was my monthly 1:1 to review progress and goals. It was great. We talked about transitioning me into supervising the care coordinator. YaY! I like that. We work very closely together and she is a wonderful asset. We make a great team. For all of that I am truly grateful. She worked her butt off when there wasn’t a stable nurse and now that I’m there she appreciates me being there to take the load of her. She is smart, competent, funny, hard working, and caring. I am blessed to be able to supervise and work with her. #gratitudemakesmehappy #jobsatisfaction

During the same meeting, my supervisor was checking in to see how I was settling into my new space and role. She wanted to make sure I have what I need for my work environment. That was amazing. She values me. She even said it. I told her I love my job. She said she was glad because she didn’t want me to leave. that was nice. Feeling appreciated makes me happy.

Yesterday I challenged myself to a 24 hour fast. I lasted 36 hours before breaking my fast. I knew I felt good when I fast but I forgot how much energy I have when my body is not focusing on digesting all the time! I was super high energy. Got a lot of MFR vendor information processed. Worked on the spreadsheet. Had a brief conversation with a new committee member on her new role. Also reconnected with a food vendor and resolved some of the issues so we both are satisfied with the process and the outcome. I handled my shit yesterday. Feeling accomplished makes me happy.

I did yoga at 915pm last night. I forced myself to do it so I could start. I needed to start. I needed to force myself to start. My inertia had stalled from months of not being in a habit of doing yoga. Just that fast, I lost that habit. Sigh. But I did it last night. I overcame myself last night. Being in control of my behavior and not reacting from emotion makes me happy.

I have had several uncomfortable conversations in the past week. Not one of them resulted in me throwing a fit, yelling, or stomping off. I did take an appropriate pause and went for a time out. I came back and got back to work. I also listened. I listened. I listened. I did not react in hurt and anger. I listened in love. I responded in love. Responding in love even when I hurt makes me happy.

There are so good things happening right now. I feel that my attitude and my effort has pushed me to new levels. I have upped my level again. I can feel it. My energy is high, abundant, magnetic, and dynamic. Something has shifted and I have worked hard for that shift. I am going to revel and enjoy this high energy time. I am happy.

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