I love my sisters

I was blessed with time with my sisters this weekend. I do mean blessed. I found out how much my tribe loves me and I already KNOW how much I love them.

We were blessed to gather at the Dunes this weekend. We stayed in various cabins, hotel rooms, or camping close to the resort. I got to stay in a beautiful cabin with a shared hot tub with my neighbors who happened to be my lovely sisters from L2L/MFR. #findingthejuicy

During the weekend at the resort, we spent a lot of time together but also apart. We each found what made us feeling most comfortable and relaxed. We drank. We smoked. We sat in the hot tub. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

We got vulnerable with each other. We got raw. We trusted each other. We supported each other. And I felt really, really good.

I went to this women’s weekend flying solo which is something I haven’t done is 5 years. I didn’t think I would be flying solo again. I packed for myself. I planned for myself. I didn’t cry too much at the thought of doing it alone. I did cry a little bit. I feel absolutely okay to cry a little bit. I am sad about my current situation. But I didn’t cry too much because I also believe that this is what I need to be doing right now and that the universe is abundant with love and juicy. I know this is juicy and my life will get juicier as I open myself to love and abundance and juicy.

It is not my final destination but I am going to enjoy the journey. I don’t believe that my life will ever be an experience of arrival but always an experience to be savored all the way along it. I believe that if I can remember that each part of my life is exquisite and juicy even if I don’t necessarily think it is the way my life is supposed to look. It is only through gratitude and joy for what I have that I will experience the perfect, juicy life that i dare to visualize and create.

I found the energy and the experience of Go Girl completely different and energizing this year. I was calm and on fire. I was gloriously shiny but loving and calm. I was a firecracker with enthusiasm and joy but peaceful and tranquil to listen and hear. I was fully present and loving each moment while recognizing that my future is bright like a diamond, meaning, I will be improving and brightening my stars.

I think that having these beliefs made it possible to embody one of the mantras I have been speaking and manifesting, “I make deep and meaningful connections”. I was fully open to love and connection this weekend and my energy overflowed. The people that were around me were wonderfully open too. Each brought themselves. They brought heir very best selves, open, trusting, and willing and wanting connection. We got it.

We blessed ourselves with naked hot tub talks. We blessed ourselves with hours chatting over coffee on the porch, curled up, shivering, but wanting to fully experience our cabin and space. We blessed ourselves with relaxation in the sun with slow sipping of alcohol and hydration. We blessed ourselves and we were blessed.

I felt that I was surrounded by love and safety most of the time. But there were times that I was reminded that we were not all connected with the same vision and intention of love and connection. Although, I think everyone that was looking for connection, their means to their ends were presented differently. I didn’t always feel safe and connected.

During times at the bar, there were a lot of women that were there. Some of the energy was sapping and draining. Some of the energy was draining and took more than was given. I can usually stand at a women’s events and draw in energy. During this bar time, my energy was sucked. Weird thing though. A Beautiful, weird, and wonderful thing happened. My tribe, my friends, my family, my framily, my brood circled me. they protected me. They kept me safe until I could regroup. They would halt people from enclosing on me. They would pull me away when I was being overwhelmed. They would weave and wind me up safely protected by their web of love and framily. I love them. I am blessed.

It was such a good time away I didn’t want it to end. Normally on the last day of a vacation, I am just ready to pack up and be home. Not today. I staged all of my gear to be taken to the car but I leisurely drank coffee with my sisters and processed our weekend. It was unanimously decided that it was wonderful and perfect and powerful. We grew in our skins. We grew our hearts. But….

After such a beautiful joining of energies, it was really hard to leave that space. However, I firmly believe that I can take that energy and harness it and use it for good in other areas of my life. I can draw on the strength and trust of my sisters that believe in me and us and be strong and loving and kind and powerful in the rest of my world.

During the time at women’s weekend, I was very in tune with myself and with the other women. It’s hard to describe but we communicated at a deeper level and it wasn’t just the booze. lol. It high energy but not just high energy like adderall energy but magnetic energy drawing in each other and connecting deeper.

I must have carried it home with me because I found a new talent of communicating with the birds.

While I was sitting on my couch, I heard a lot of birds making quite a commotion. I looked out the back door to the deck and saw two robins that kept landing on the deck. They were cheeping and coming closer to the house than they ever have before. I had to go outside and investigate.

Three male robins kept circling the deck area. I checked on the nest that had the babies and the babies were big enough to fly the nest. I know because I could see their little beaks sticking out. Then as I was standing there, they flew the nest!!!

One of the dogs, Isis, was there to greet one of the babies. I called her off because even though she was not aggressive she would overmother the poor baby and the adult robins were very agitated about the situation. I called off the dogs. Little baby robin just kept sitting there.

Two of the baby birds hopped off. I didn’t see them and they must have gotten to (relative) safety. There was still one little baby just sitting there being overwhelmed with the big broad grassy world beyond the nest and the protector robins were still very agitated and circling. My work was not done.

AHhhhhhhh I spotted the hunter cat, Dionysus. Hmmmph. I tried to catch him. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But he did run away enough to give baby bird a little more breathing room and space to get stronger to take off. After chasing him off to the brush, the protector robins started flying in circles over him, diverting his attention from the baby bird. Now the hunter cat was enthralled with the idea of catching the robins that were taunting him. Dionysus had a challenge. while he was distracted, I went over to encourage baby bird to hop to safety. And that’s just what she did. She slowly hopped away from the house to taller grass.

OH NO! Now the chickens started coming in to the space right where baby bird was hiding in the tall grass. Those gigantic chickens must have looked fierce and terrifying to the little bird!

I quickly distracted the chickens with some bird seed.

YAY! The baby bird was safe. The defending robins calmed down and perched and watched.

It was wonderful. I felt so connected. They needed help. They found me. I helped them do their job. All is well.

#bepresent #payattention #findingthejuicy #ilovemylife

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