Thank you

Thank you.

I am thankful for the silly dog, Winston that is a little demon but makes me smile and love more.

I am thankful for all of the times my heart has exploded and gotten bigger and grown more capacity to love. I was so in love with my first child, it didn’t seem that my heart could have any more love because it was all going to her. Then I had #2 and BOOM! My heart exploded and grew a million times bigger with more love capacity. Each time I had another child, got a new animal, or made a new friend love connection, my heart has grown and I can feel it growing again. I am thankful for being open to growing in love.

I was at the farm last night working alone for awhile. I love that pine tree farm. I love that Wash lets us use her property to build our sacred women’s space. I am thankful for the farm.

I am thankful for the organization and disorganization of the forest. The rows are so carefully planned and aligned until….they just AREN’T. There are random trees in the middle of rows. There are different species of trees. There is diversity even within such careful planning and work. I am thankful for the beauty and the diversity and the opportunity to spend time with Mother so closely. I saw a blue bird this weekend. Beautiful blue birds. #findingthejuicy #mfryearofthemother2019 #sistertimeinthepines

We finished up the end wall of She-Shed. It was a small and intimate work group today. We were quiet and efficient. We got it done. #thankful #progress #babysteps #everybitcount

Last night, I slept in Moldy. I have known that the bedroom skylight was leaking but I was unsure of the severity. During the rainstorm last night, all was revealed. The roof leaks A LOT!

I was woken to a puddle next to me in the bed. I kept thinking that I could roll a little bit more over and that the water would run away from me. Yeah, well, it all soaked through and my night was soggy and not very restful.

I hope you will understand the brevity of the blog but also remember how important just writing something down is, especially when it is a moment or ten for gratitude.

I am thankful. I am thankful for my MFR crew. I am thankful for MFR. I am thankful for my committee. I am thankful for my partner and mentor. I am thankful for my loving friends. I am thankful for my amazing children. I am thankful for my MFR framily. I am thankful.

#bethankful #iloveyou

Bluebird song enters your life when you begin giving up your happiness for something or someone else. He reminds you that you need not loose joy in the process of achieving a goal.
Overall Bluebird Spirit comes with good news. He prepares you for what’s ahead. Once that boon arrives, Bluebird says, “share the wealth.” Spread that joy all around and see what wonders it produces.
When Bluebird frequently appears in your meditations, consider if you have taken time to appreciate the little things in life. It’s easy to recognize BIG blessings, but sometimes we overlook others that can fill our moments with laughter and good cheer. Stop and look at nature – the glory of an autumn leaf or spring flower. It’s good Spiritual therapy!
Another message from Bluebird may be that you don’t realize you are admired. Bluebird has been immortalized in stories, poems, and songs about hope and love. There is something in you that naturally radiates those positive feelings. People appreciate that, so celebrate that aspect of your personality.
If you are stepping into a new chapter in your life, Bluebird may arrive to help with just that. There are decisions we must make, and steps to take when our lives hit transition. Bluebird is your guide to making those so that the end result leads to long-term contentment.

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