BE the Hummingbird!

Yesterday, I might have been feeling sad and rejected. I reminded myself to fall in love with myself and love me up the way I want to be loved.I went to flowerland and bought a fuchsia for myself and my mother. It’s a 20 year tradition that I give my mother a fuchsia on Mother’s Day. Now I am blessed to work very close to Flowerland and was able to pick up a beautiful Fuchsia. I love them because the hummingbirds love them. I love hummingbirds!I often refer to myself as a hummingbird, flitting around, taking what is sweet, moving on to the next juicy part of life, able to fly forwards and backwards, able to hover in one place while generating exquisite amounts of energy.

I did a search on the meaning of hummingbirds and it was really quite deep. I will choose two to meditate on…

Hummingbirds are also a symbol of tenacity and endurance in the pursuit of our dreams because some hummingbirds are known to travel up to 2000 miles to reach their destination.

If nothing else, I believe that I am incredibly tenacious and can endure. I have come to believe that not all things last forever, good or bad, everything comes to end. Good feelings end (but then they can restart!) and bad feelings end. Also, any situation has the possibility to change and improve. I think that it makes it easier to stick to something when I remember the “why” of what I am doing. It’s hard to work all the time. When my feelings or attitude are not in alignment with my why, I get discouraged and frustrated in the pursuit of my goals. I get tired easier and I don’t feel like going to work weekends or working all weekend. But my spirit is tenacious and enduring. I quickly can remember what I want to accomplish.

I am tenacious and enduring.

Hummingbirds, in their seemingly carefree and happy flight, remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner.

I love this. Live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures….sounds a lot like #findingthejuicy to me. I will continue to search for and FIND the juicy in everything I endeavor. Life can be hard. Or life can be juicy. I choose juicy. Regardless of the situation, I want to find the juicy in it. If it’s a hard time, I will look for the lesson. If it is a sexy situation, um well, duh! If it’s an uncomfortable situation, again, I will look for the lesson. If it is a confrontation, I will look at my part in it. If it is a wonderful time, I will easily find my gratitude and juicy. I will keep being the hummingbird and hope my nose will come out with juicy nectar. #alwaystheoptimist

Furthermore, because of their unique ability to fly backwards, sideways and hover up and down, they remind us to stay adaptable and to accept the reality of change with a happy heart.


Do not have expectations that are tied to the outcome

going with the flow

let it be

what will be will be

it is what it is

Having a more calm and accepting attitude will keep me peaceful. Not only will it keep me peaceful, it will protect me from future stressors by building resilience. I know that when I have expectations and they are tied to an emotion then I get disappointed. Being able to adjust and adapt promotes resilience which makes me stronger emotionally AND physically. I will increase my cognitive reserves so when there really is stress that requires my fortitude, I will have some stockpiled. #bankingthefeelgoods

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