Thirsty Thursday!!

Or thankful Thursday. If I am grateful, all those things that I am thirsty for will reveal and be manifested. If I can think it, I can touch it.

I had another wonderful day at my new home. I am so thankful I made the choice I made. I am a good fit there. I am enjoying getting to know the residents and the staff. I am enjoying sharing space with someone. I even like having another person join us in our little office. It’s cozy but really nice working side by side with other folks, having the opportunity to bounce ideas, listen and learn from them, and just have the interaction of close coworkers. I love it and am so thankful.

It also makes me “thirsty”, by that I mean, that it is leading to inspired thinking about my future goals and mission. Each one of my previous jobs has lead to even greater opportunity. This new place will be exactly the same. I will get thirsty and seize the day and hopefully make the place better for me being in it.

This position has opportunity to feed my soul. I do believe that I can make a difference in someone’s life. I think that if I pay attention and learn and develop relationships, I will make a difference in someone living at their best. I can be the difference in collaboration with the rest of the team. I don’t have to save the world alone. I can be part of that bigger picture and help someone become more independent. I can motivate and inspire someone to have a healthier life. I love that. And it makes me want more.

I want to learn more. I want to be more. I want to blossom and get even juicier. I love it. I love feeling excited and being happy about what I am doing.

I am reading Vishen Liakhani’s book, Code of the Extraordinary Mind. It speaks about Blissipline, the practice of finding bliss and happiness. He shares that to be happy it is important to find the balance of living in the now and being grateful for the life we have while also keeping an eye on your future and your vision. While it is important to have goals, we should not tie our happiness to the achievement of our goals but be happy now and we will more quickly achieve our goals. Being happy makes us more productive. Being happy makes us more efficient, smarter, and HAPPIER. #findingthejuicy

I’m really thankful for making the choices I have been making. I am happier and know that my life is growing and becoming juicier with every day. Each time I choose my life by choosing my actions and behaviors and not letting my emotions rule my attitude and behavior, I get happier. I”m happy. That feels pretty damn good. #aboutdamntime #dingdingding #livingmybestlife

Totally unrelated but still equally wonderful is I am at the farm right now. Chilling by myself, wishing I had bad snacks but I’ll be all right. I pulled out my yoga mat and did yoga sitting outside Moldy. I should have went out and worked in the workshop areas but I visited my friend Wash for a minute, listened to her talk about her friend, saw a deer by her pond, then came back and unloaded my car. I am blessed to be able to stay here and not have to drive in an hour in the morning. YAY!

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