We banged that bitch out!

And by bitch I mean that lovely She-Shed that we bought from American Steel.

We bought two lovely metal carports. One is 12×20 and will be the new home of L2L Store. We are taking the lovely two doored, windowed canopy that was previously the L2L Store and repurposing it to Women of Color space. the windows and the openings will offer a great cross breeze ventilation while offering a good shelter for their space.

The other carport is garage size, 24×24 with 10′ clearance for the door. We named her the She-Shed. We bought both carports and had them installed but we did not have them install the walls and doors since Monica and crew have the capapilities to save MFR some money and we can install themselves ourselves. Yay for saving money.

There’s an even bigger yay for me. I feel like I learned so many new skills. I also got the opportunity to practice newish skills to get better at them.

I have always had an uncomfortable relationship with drills. I wanted to conquer my uncomfortableness and move towards being comfortable doing different things. I wanted to improve my skills in carpentry and especially with a drill.

I also have a healthy respect for heights. Or let’s be real, I am a little terrified at certain altitudes.

This weekend I got to face both of these fears and get more comfortable. I climbed up a 10 foot ladder that wasn’t any too stable. I had a tool pouch on that was filled with screws. I had a drill. I was ready to go.

I struggled with the wobbliness of the ladder. I struggled with the screw that wouldn’t go through the sheet metal. I dropped about 20 screws drilling that first one. But I stuck with it.

By the end of the day, I had a super sore shoulder and arm and a blister on my hand from drilling all day.

In my mind, this is how I looked….LOL

I also learned how to set up the pump and clean the water totes. Again, it might seem like simple things to you. But to me, I feel powerful learning new skills. I love it! And I was able to assist with having water in the motor home, Moldy. I cleaned, scrubbed, and rinsed the tote. Then filled it again, took it down on Red and got in place to fill the motor home. YAY.

I also learned hand signals to help guide someone that is operating machinery like a tractor with a lift. I want to be able to clearly communicate and guide the operator and I want to understand when someone is guiding me. Whoot! Whoot! Whoot! I do love driving “my” tractor!

I learned a lot of putting together the sides of the She-Shed. I’m so grateful for the new skills and knowledge i gained.

I am especially thankful for being able to practice communication skills. I practiced listening. I practiced walking away from stress. I practiced talking soft. I practiced the pause. I practiced asking questions and listening. I practiced not taking things personally. I practiced letting go. I practiced forgiveness. I practiced kindness. I practiced the pause. I practiced not owning someone else’s stuff. I practiced self love by knowing my worth. I practiced seeing someone else’s pain. I practiced empathy. I practiced boundaries for myself and my ownership for my stuff and other people’s stuff.

The only way to get better at something is to practice. I want to keep getting better at my existing skills. I also want to learn new skills. Plumbing, electrical, using equipment, backing up trailers, lol so many things to learn. I also want to learn how to be a kinder person with an open heart. I want to learn to be a master communicator. I want to learn to be patient. I want to learn to be loving. I want to learn to be inspiring.

I will. I know I will learn all these things and more. Why? Because I am a bad ass and I keep getting more bad-assery 😉

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