The Many Faces of Dawn

I talked about how I am transparent yesterday. I mean, I am transparent every day but I talked about it yesterday in my blog. That is very true. I am transparent in my dealings. I strive to live with integrity. I work to operate in love and juicy. But a good friend made an observation about me that I wanted to delve into regarding the many faces of Dawn, all of which are transparent but maybe a little unexpected to some people. She stated that she wondered if sometimes people were surprised when they got to Warrior Work Weekends and met Warrior Worker Dawn as opposed to bubbly L2L building Queen Dawn. If there expectations of seeing the Dawn they thought they knew from meeting me at social events was surprising when they met the focused get ‘er done, Dawn.

During the time of building L2L community and MFR community, I have a certain “face” during events. When I do a live video, I am juicy and joyful, “HI SISTERS”. I am present my bubbly, boisterous, and vivacious personality. I greet people with juicy hugs and bubbly chatter. I engage people. I am outgoing. I am high energy. This is a true face of Dawn. I am all of that. I love making connections. Part of building connections is to be welcoming.

I greet people. I practice learning their names. I greet people. I engage. I introduce. I create connections between the people involved. I make silly jokes. I make fun of myself. I am goofy. I make sexual jokes. A lot. Quite often, those people get a certain impression of me. They get the impression that I am vivacious, silly, outgoing woman. They are right.

But that’s not all there is to me.

I am also a professional. I worked my way through nursing school while raising 8 kids. I lived through an abusive marriage and had the courage to leave that marriage while my kids were very small. I am determined and resilient. I have an optimistic spirit even while I have struggle with feelings of being unworthy. I just kept swimming.

I also am advocate for women. I started L2L as a social club but I hoped it would become much more than that. I hoped that we could come together to do something differently. I hoped and tried to inspire women to “go high” when they “go low”. I wanted women to do better and to work towards a better world. I still believe that is possible. I am an idealist hoping for a world run by powerful women because women can do better.

I am a producer. I am a hard working woman with a vision for MFR. Sometimes people forget that I am a very driven and focused woman because they get sidetracked and bamboozled by the breast jokes and the jokes about “say it” referring to PJ (I hope you know what that means!!!) or making dirty jokes. They forget that because I do have a big vision, I also have a big drive and motivation to get it done. While I love to have fun and joke and build community, part of building community involves someone taking charge and leading people to get do the work. They don’t understand when I get focused on getting tasks done at MFR Warrior Work Weekends that I am still the jokey and vivacious that they expected but I still see the big picture of all of the work that needs to get done in a few short weekends. I am focused and need to keep the work moving. That is not being mean, that is being the producer. I do know that delivery of the message is important. I do know that the intention is important and needs to be aligned with the impact. The work still needs to be completed. Not all times that are not joking and playing are “mean” or bad times. Those times of working hard together and staying focused are important to community building too. It’s just not always what people expect when they show up if they are used to seeing me in a certain setting.

I am the many faces of Dawn. All of them are true. All of them hope and work to be loving. But even loving correction and direction can sometimes be uncomfortable and surprising if it is not what you are used to or what you expected when you thought you knew someone based on what you learned in a one particular circumstance.

#loveme #findingthejuicy #livingmybestlife #Iamme #transparent

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