Updated performer line up, enroll in health plans, sheesh

I’ve been doing some serious adulting. It feels juicy to be able to take care of things. I cleaned out some files. I cleaned out my folders in my back pack. I signed up for a health plan with my new job. I signed up for a flexible savings account. And I worked out.

I am exhausted as hell. Yet, it feels absolutely wonderful. I am happy as heck to be back into the swing of handling my business. This past month was perfect for what I needed at the time. I needed that time to lick my wounds. I needed to take the time to find a perfect job for my perfect life. But I also needed the time to reevaluate my current life. I was working very hard at #findingthejuicy and #goingtotheedge and confronting my fears. Yet, I wasn’t ready to take the plunge into #livingmybestlife due to fear of the unknown.

I found myself busy as hell doing interviews and finding my perfect job. I was also busy with things that make my heart sing such as meeting with people and creating connections or strengthening connections. It might seem that I was just hanging out with friends but it was so much more than that. I was finessing the art of listening and being mindfully attentive. I was working on those skills which will be invaluable in this life of mine.

I was busy cleaning up and organizing for Michigan Framily Reunion. I was exploring and envisioning my life mission. Of which, I think that MFR is a key component in that adventure. I started seeing myself as producer of MFR. I mean, I am co-producer of MFR but it was just this side gig. This thing that I was doing with my partner. I took my thoughts and dreams to the next level and started visualizing MFR supporting me and my partner and others. I started visualizing it as my primary means of support financially. It BLEW my mind to take that dream to the next level. The time off gave me a chance to see if I would actually enjoy doing that. I can tell you with a resounding

that I enjoyed doing the work. I enjoyed building connections. I enjoyed, I loved doing that work. I want to continue with that vision.

Now i am back to work. A new job means learning all sorts of new things. I also will be refreshing old skills. I am working in mental health again! I am extremely excited about that. The skills that I have been working on will continue to be tested and enhanced. I will be working with people all day long. I will be working with challenging people that will test my skills in a way so that when I use them in other areas of my life, they will be stronger and more refined. I am just going to keep getting better.

Just like a lovely onion, the layers upon layers will continue to build on the previous layer. I am so very thankful for all the new skills I will be learning. I didn’t know where I was going when I left my previous employment but after my initial terror, I knew that I was destined for something even better. I was

I am destined for greatness. I’m not the only one. We are all destined for greatness. If I continue working on getting out of my own way, I will continue to see wonderful things manifest. How else can we say this…

Abraham Hicks says, take the path of least resistance.

Other gurus will say

Or how about this one? It’s been said a thousand different ways.

However you want to say it, our thoughts are powerful. Our words are powerful. Talk nice to yourself. Talk nice to your brain. I remember when I was just going back to school after my divorce. I was, of course, the oldest one in the class. I was working really hard to retrain my brain to learn after years of making and raising babies. Before an exam, I would talk to my brain, “I know you have ALL of the information inside, you just need to retrieve it. Give me back the information when I need it. I know you have it and at the time I need it, you will release all of the information to me. Thank you, Brain”. It worked. I made it through all of my pre-reqs and nursing school with a 3.9. I graduated when I was 43.

Think powerful thoughts. Use powerful words with yourself.

#findingthejuicy #livingmybestlife

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