Another day in paradise

Just imagine waking up and opening your curtains and a beautiful lake is your morning view. Just imagine sleeping in as long as you want or don’t want, then rolling over to meditate your perfect life as you live your perfect life.


When I first started working on attracting abundance into my life, I was thinking I wanted more financial abundance.  I wanted more money.  I wanted more ticket sales. I wanted to have things and stuff. I was using emotional freedom technique to attract more abundance.  I started out with this:

I started attracting more money.  I would receive random checks.  I would get calls for closings or notary work.  I would receive some ticket sales for various events.  I would get some financial abundance every single day in some way. And the same holds true today, as I work to increase my abundance, my focus has broadened from “just” financial abundance to how abundance manifests through many areas of my life.

As I have traveled this journey, I learned more and more that to be abundant, you must live in abundance even when you might not feel it.  Sort of like faking it til you make it. To truly be abundant, you need to feel abundant. Best way to manifest abundance in my life has been to live in gratitude for all that I already have while being thankful for what is to come to me.

For example, I want to make mad passionate love frequently.  I want to feel passionate love.  I want to feel and #findingthejuicy.  I want to have LOVE.  Now some people might think that this is about having sex all the time.  And truthfully, I used to think the same thing.  I had to change my thoughts.  I had to change my story.  If i want more love, I need to be thankful for the love I have in my life.  I have abundant love with my children.  I have abundant and juicy love with my friends.  I have abundant and juicy love with my sisters.  I have abundant and juicy love with my community.  I have abundant and juicy love with myself.

Where else is my life abundant?  I will never find the abundance if I don’t look for it.  What you seek, you shall find.  If you look for scarcity, you will feel and find everything that is missing from your life.  If you look for love, you will find love in everything.  If you look for good, you will find good. 

My home is abundant.  I have everything I need. I don’t need or want more stuff.  Having stuff means maintaining stuff.  I am not a materialistic person and I hate how much I throw away even when I think that I am green, frugal, and not wasteful.  While I sit in this beautiful home with much nicer stuff, I would like to have it.  I won’t be sorry if  and when I upgrade my home.  But the abundance is in knowing that it is all coming and everything I have and want and need I already have.  I need and want a container for holding my love, family, and community. I have that right now.  It’s not the prettiest or the fanciest but it fits and it works.  And I can afford to rent this house of my dreams until the house of my dreams is manifested.  #abundantaf #juicyaf #findingthejuicy #grateful

Food abundance.  Stuff abundance.  Love abundance.  Joy abundance.  Health and well being abundance.  Let’s talk about that a little more.  What does health and well being abundance look like to you?  I consider myself a pretty healthy person.  I haven’t had a cold in over a year.  in fact, I haven’t had ANY illness in over a year.  I have had pain.  I have had discomfort.  My joints in my hands hurt.  My knees used to hurt.  My hip hurts on occasion.  Once in awhile I have sciatica pain.  My shoulder hurts but I fell and injured it.  But overall, I have abundantly good health.  I think #findingthejuicy helps me to keep things in perspective.  #abundantlyhealth

There is truly so much abundance in my life but I can easily forget it if I am not looking for it.  I can get stuck in the shits, oh damn, and what the fucks.  Because there is always something to bitch about.  But that coin is easily flipped over to there is always something to be grateful for:

Today, I am grateful for this gorgeous home on Lake DeSoto.  I am grateful for spending this time with my family to recharge my family needs before I embark on my #bestlifeever and my new job.  I am grateful that I am going to soak in a hot spring this afternoon.  I am grateful that  I get to sit in a steam cave over a hot spring.  I am grateful that there is a grill here on the deck, overlooking the lake, and I am going to grill steaks on it tonight for dinner. I am grateful that my children cooked ME breakfast this morning. I am grateful that my children cleaned up after said breakfast, taking care of their mama.  #grateful #findingthejuicy #livingmybestlife

This afternoon, my best #findingthejuicy was spent in the hot springs at Quapaw Baths. First we went into the steam cave! Wowzers, that was hot and steamy. There was a glass box in the cave that had water flowing from the earth that was 115 degrees, naturally causing a steam environment. It was sublime. What made it even better was spending that steamy time with my faves Alexis Schafer, Daniel Schafer, Callie Smith, Aurora Smith, and Natalie Smith. xxoo

After the steam cave, we went into the hot springs. There were four baths to choose from each a different temperature depending on how far it was from the spring source. The hottest bath which was directly in the center was 105 degrees. It felt so good but I could only tolerate the heat for 10 minutes. The next pool was 99 degrees. It was the perfect temperature to relax. The next pool was 97. It felt chilly but perfect, of course. #findingthejuicy

My life is abundant and juicy. I am so incredibly blessed. I will continue to live life juicy and abundantly because I will find what I seek and I will only seek the wonderful and juicy!

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