Vacation with the family before I start #findingmybestlife

I’m excited about the next life I am about to live.

I manifested my best life and it is now about to start.

I wanted to find my juicy. I wanted to find my best life. I wanted to find my mission in life. I wanted to make some changes in my life. I started meditating on all of these things. I started visualizing. I started visualizing making changes in me. I started moving my body so I could change my energy. I started kundalini yoga.

My visions were for my future. I started visualizing my perfect future which included Michigan Framily Reunion growing large and supporting itself. It included a well on the property. I saw women gathering and building things together.

I see myself continuing to create connections and building community. I see the community growing.

I also visualized improving myself. I visualize healthier mind and body.

I have been meditating for 112 days now. Every day. It has been life changing.

I lost my job. I got fired from my job. I lost my pension. I lost my insurance.

That all sounds pretty bad. I was overwhelmed with fear. How could I have lost my pension before I was vested? I had one more year before I was vested. I actually had an interview for another position that would have been a great job. I cancelled the interview because I just wanted to get vested and then I would be brave enough to leave a comfortable job.

The universe thought differently. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. I was forced to change. But it was exactly what I was asking for, #findingmybestlife

Change is not comfortable. Change can be scary. Change is inevitable. I have never been one that said, I hate change. I just know it’s uncomfortable but I also know that I am not willing to settle anymore.

I am not willing to settle (thank you Universe!) for a job that doesn’t feed my soul. I am not willing to settle for a job that only fulfills me because of the money, benefits, and my office. These are all good things to be thankful for but they are not feeding my soul. I want my soul to be fed.

I am not willing to settle for anything less than juicy. I want it all. I want all the passion. I want all the kisses. I want to be happy and laughing and joyful. I don’t want to be always fighting. I don’t want to be defending. I don’t want to be scared to feel sad or painful or upset. I want to feel all of the feelings. Sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and stressed. I”m okay feeling those feelings. Feelings are okay. Being an asshole or unsympathetic or insensitive are not okay. It’s not okay. But what’s even more NOT okay is me letting it continue. It’s not okay for me to settle. I teach others how to treat me and if I’m willing to allow insensitive remarks and comments, that’s MY BAD. If I allow it, it will continue. I am not willing to live anything less than juicy.

I do not believe that juicy means everything is sunshine and roses and all good feelings. Juicy is finding and feeling all of the feelings. Juicy is accepting myself for who and what I am and all of my feelings. Juicy is not accepting myself being a jerk. Juicy is not making excuses. Juicy is holding myself to my highest standard. Juicy is living my best life. Juicy is living in integrity. Juicy is living in love. Juicy is living life to its fullest. I am juicy and I am going to live my life juicy. Starting today.

Which is absolutely perfect. Today I drove Dusty to Nashville. I drove her the whole way by myself. I drove her with 3 of my daughters riding along and one son in law. And one puppy. Fucking puppy. lol

It was the best trip down ever. It took a long time. I am tired. Really tired. Most of the drive was smooth and no problems. But there was a bit of construction. #whiteknucklingit and it rained almost the whole time. But I figured out how to use the cruise control. Maybe that seems to be a small thing but whatever. I figured it out. I also figured out the air conditioning. YES! I needed to use the air conditioning. And there was green grass. And then there was orange dirt. And big hills. Not quite mountains but big hills. I got to hear my lovely children laughing and joking. And laughing. It was the best trip ever. Even when we were bumper to bumper at Galatin, it was wonderful because I had my chickies around me.

When we got to the hotel in Nashville, my daughter, Aurora was delivered to me. My friends brought her to me from the bus station so I didn’t have to pick her up.

We spent time laughing together in the hotel, hiding the puppy. Which shit on the floor. Which I stepped in. lol It’s already the best trip ever. Laughing with family is a the best way to start #findingmybestlife


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