Rough Start to the day! What to do! What to do!

I was filled with despair, fear, and worry this morning. I had a set back in trying to access my HSA. I got frustrated. I couldn’t access another account. It was like I was locked out of everything. I got all in my head. I was freaking out that everything is falling apart and I can’t keep it together.

And isn’t that how toxic thinking goes? We get an idea. It seems true. It is scary. Fear feeds itself and perpetuates more fear. All of the worst case scenarios are already coming true. It is all tumbling down. Your thoughts go from bad to worse.

Thoughts are so powerful. It is so hard to change them once they go to stinkin’ thinkin’. It seems good moods are contagious though, doesn’t it? When things are going well, they continue to go well. When things go to shit, bad things continue to happen and present themselves. Hmmmmmmmmm

I have found that the things you want but don’t need come easily. Let me give you an example. If I interview for a job and have an attitude that is not invested in the outcome, not trying to control the outcome but being my best, and not needing the job, I get offered jobs and jobs and jobs.

Also, someone commented the other day about trying to find a girlfriend. When you are actively looking for a girlfriend, partner, or wife, you can’t meet or find anyone. But when you are confident and don’t need anyone to “complete” you, then women are all over you.

Hmmmmmm, I want to explore this a little further.

Since I was in such a funk earlier, I had to make a conscious choice to get myself out of the bad mood and tears. I was stuck in that thought pattern and that mood. My negative thoughts seem to attract more negative thoughts and results. I couldn’t log in to a website. I cried. I tried another website. Again, I couldn’t log in and I couldn’t get my password reset. I tried to call someone, I got hung up on. I tried to call someone else, I could not connect. The more negative thoughts I had, the more they multiplied and the worse the mood and day became.

It was only when I physically did something different that my mood started to change. I chose to do kundalini yoga. I chose to move my body in the hope of moving and changing my energy. This worked for me.

My attitude changed. I stopped crying. I took a shower. I did some positive actions and I was able to change my self talk into positive talk instead of the cyclic pattern of negativity that I had been in.

Then I got the phone call from the recruiter. The job I interviewed for on Monday filled me with joy. I was so excited coming out of the interview because it seems like a fabulous company to work for. Work is work. It consumes more of our time than our home life so I want to find a company that values its employees. I think I found that in the company on Monday. The recruiter asked me how the interview went. My response was “wonderful for me! I hope it was equally good for them!”. She told me that they thought I would be a great addition to the team and that they wanted to go to the next step! What??!!! WHOOT! WHOOT!

Now they are checking my references.

After that, I got an email regarding the pay offs that I am supposed to receive. And my final check is sent. And I got two checks in the mail. Just by changing my energy so I could change my thoughts.

Our thoughts are powerful, more powerful than we realize. When it’s going bad, the more we focus on the bad stuff, the more bad stuff we are going to get. When we get into a positive state, we can get into flow with focused attention and we can attract even more positivity, blessings, and abundance. It’s not easy but it’s simple.

I am still #findingmybestlife #findingmyjuicy and grateful for the lessons I have been sent and the wisdom I am learning. Life is a journey. #winning

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