It’s been one week since I became unemployed. This was not a conscious choice but a choice nonetheless. The first couple days were pretty stressful. I spent a lot of time filling out applications and tweaking my resume, cover letter, professional references, and freaking out. After the initial freak out and panic planing, I have calmed down some to have a few insights.

Since leaving my job, I don’t wake up with dread in my heart at what I am going to face. I am calmer at home. I am calmer with my kids. I am calmer. I am happier. I have some concerns about what is coming next. I have been offered a great job. I even accepted the great job. The pay is more than my previous job. The benefits are better. The culture seems to be more supportive. However, I don’t want to limit my options. I have time to make an informed decision. I do not have to rush into any decision. Fortunately, I do have some savings to keep us afloat for a little bit so I can pause and think about the direction that the universe is leading me.

While I accepted the position, I am not scheduled to start for another couple weeks which gives me the chance to go to the 3 other interviews that I have scheduled.

Today, I went to another interview. It is a great opportunity. Not only does it offer a competitive wage, there are also great benefits. More importantly, when it was my turn to ask questions, I asked one of the nurses if she liked her job. Not only did she start crying in gratitude for her job, the program director also almost started crying. They both LOVE the company. To me, that is much more important than the wages. I need the money but I also need to feel supported. It might actually be where i should land. We shall see. At this point, I am doing my best and weighing my options.

Although, I set my own challenges, it seems the universe/Goddess/God was guiding me along the way. First I challenged myself to increase my self-esteem and my self-love by doing the Fall in Love with Me Challenge. Next, I wanted to push and dig a little deeper and did the Going to the Edge Challenge which explored my fears. I didn’t abolish them all but I did find so many ways I was operating in fear and I acknowledged them and I got mindful of them.

I took some time off from an “official” (I am the official!! I am mistress of my own life and destiny after all!) from a named challenge. Although I continued with the energy work and meditations. I have been meditating every day for 96 days. I have almost reached 100 days of meditation. That’s powerful!

I don’t plan on stopping my meditations when I hit 100 days. Why would I when the benefits have been exponential???

Now, I am deep in the #findingmyquest challenge. I don’t know how long it will last but I will keep searching for my higher calling. I don’t even know how to stop at this point. I have pointed myself on a path of becoming a highly evolved being. It is fulfilling. It brings me peace in my heart, thought, and speech. Even in the midst of this job hunting, a stressful time to say the least, I am mostly calm and accepting of what comes. I have serenity.

I also have faith. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be continue to thrive. I know that I will be successful in whatever position I decide to take. I also know that my festival is going to be amazing. It is going to be so amazing, in fact, that eventually, I will be quitting all of my day jobs and producing festival and community will be my full time job.

I’m thankful for the time that I have devoted to myself. It has brought me to this place of knowing. It’s a great place to be.

#manifestthatshit #findingthejuicy #moneyisnteverything #findingmyquest #lovingme #lovingyoutoo #iforgiveyou

I emptied out 10lbs of papers from my files after watching this. #newgoals #declutterformyhealth19

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