I started doing the 6 phase meditation almost 100 days ago. 92 days ago to be exact.

I have been meditating, doing focused meditation for 92 days. I have meditated for at least 15 minutes a day. Throughout this process, I have written several times about the benefits I am feeling from meditation: increased feelings of calm, increased energy, increased focus and concentration, increased ability to process, better able to handle stress, and overall increased happiness.

I’m not exactly where I want to be in my life. I am not in the perfect job professionally but I am finding my way. I wasn’t ready to jump out of the nest but I was pushed out by the Goddess Mother. Like all mothers, she knew her child better than her child knew herself. She knew it was to push me out of my comfort zone, time to push me to FLY!

It isn’t very comfortable in this floating place of uncertainty. It’s a little bit daunting (color me temporarily scared shitless!) But as I float along, I was surrounded by big clouds of love from my friends. I am shown over and over again how much I am loved.

As part of my meditation, I was visualizing my perfect future and setting intentions for myself personally and professionally. One of those intentions was to deepen my relationship with my children. Again, I forgot that scary times can be the most loving times. That during stressful times, I find the blessings. I didn’t realize that losing my job would improve my relationship with my kids but it is doing just that.

Since losing my job, my kids have stepped up. My daughters are calling me to check in on me and I am having wonderful conversations with them. My son is hugging me. My family is growing closer. Well damn. #findingthejuicy in the scary!

I am not sure where I am going to land during this adventure. Maybe I won’t land? Regardless, I am going to shine. I will get my perfect job, or not. I will find my heart’s passion and it will be exactly what my soul desires. #manifestthatshit

Hello Kundalini!! I have missed you. I won’t stay away again. I am committed to you. I am committed to me.

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