The universe is Abundant and I’m claiming my fair share!

Today is day 8 of my challenge.  I feel I am actually making tracks in a new habit.  I am finding it easier and easier to “talk myself into” doing the work outs.  It’s a new routine to get up 15 minutes earlier so I can direct my energy the way I want it to go.  #gome

I love starting the day with kundalini yoga for 20 minutes.

It stimulates heat in my body in a wonderful way and is an energizing way to start the day.  I hope to continue this even after the challenge. 

I have been thinking about loss and loneliness and expectations.

I have been feeling lonely quite a bit lately.

I haven’t been alone.

I haven’t been without things to do.

I haven’t been bored.

I have done fun things with fun people.

I have laughed. A lot.

My mind has not been idle and pining away for something.

So why do I feel lonely and loss?

I think it is connected to my expectations.  I think I keep expecting something big, grand, wonderful, when in actuality, my life is BIG, GRAND, and JUICY just the way it is right now.

Whenever I expect something, it doesn’t really matter what I get.  It could be a most wonderful experience or gift if I took the time to actually see with my eyes and ehart instead of what I thought I should be getting or having or experiencing.

The expectations diminish whatever juicy I could have been experiencing if I had chosen to be in the moment and not in my head.

I think that holding onto expectations is living with a scarcity mentality.

If I am hoping for something and can see what I have, I am living like I believe that I can’t what is in front of me because I am missing out on something else.

By living as if I am missing out on something is believing in scarcity.

I can never fully enjoy what I have if I am missing or wishing for something more.

Being mindful and present is giving me an opportunity to see how rich and juicy my life is right now.

I don’t want to believe in scarcity.

I want to believe in life being juicy.

I believe that life is juicy.

I believe the universe does have my back.

I believe that I will have exactly what I believe I can have with hard work, commitment, a clear eye on the prize, and the willingness to do what I can do.

Check in for Mind Body Work for Day 8 of Dawn’s 30 Day

(Me) Fall in Love with ME Challenge

I started the day with kundalina yoga for 20 minutes.

During morning break, I completed a fun “Twerk-out” Dancing Abs

During lunch I did a HIIT work out with Kat Musni:

40 minute extreme

I slowed myself down and twisted my creaks with

All and all I loved this Monday. I found the whole day juicy and delightful.

Thank you Day 8 for


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