Day 7 Fake it til you make and you WILL make it


I missed Day 6 of the kundalini challenge yesterday. 

I felt it was important to be outside at the farm since that, too, changes my energy.

It was the perfect decision.

Working it! 

Since I missed it yesterday so I did day 6 this am and will do day 7 tonight.

The movements and breathing are very precise.  It is challenging and heat producing and juicy!

My feelings were once again raw and exposed.  The tears were not far behind my eyes but they stayed behind my eyes.

While listening to a behavior researcher, Vanessa Van Edwards, she shared the data on how there is a feedback loop between our facial expressions and our emotions.

If a person smiles, it triggers a response in our emotions that improves our mood, while if a person makes a frown or a mad face, the emotions follow with feelings of sadness and feelings of anger.

Remembering this research, I made a conscious choice to keep a happy expression on my face.  I didn’t want to feel sadness today.  Sometimes sadness can overcome me and if I start crying, I might not be able stop.

I didn’t  want to be overcome with sadness.  I didn’t want to take on that emotion today; although it was my feelings in regards to a situation.

It’s a situation that is in my control but feels out of control.

It’s not comfortable. It’s not resolved.  It’s not pretty or joyful although there is love.

Because I am not ready to remove myself from this situation, I need to have some acceptance that the best is being offered, otherwise, I might feel despair.

So I surrounded my face with smiles.

I enjoyed every minute of the day.

I cooked dinner and it was very yummy.

I did my yoga. I meditated.  I used some moving and breathing techniques to clear some energy and move some energy.

I still want more.

I want more juicy right now.

I want to feel juicy and alive and vibrating.

Today I did not. 

But I stayed healthy. I loved myself in the way I needed and wanted to be loved with what I had and that was plenty. 

Day 7 of Dawn’s 30 Day (Me) Fall in Love with ME Challenge is almost complete for the win. 

I feel more and more love for me every day. 

Yours in love and juicy!


#findingthejuicy in quietly redirecting my thoughts, expressions, and energy to consciously choose to feel joyful and juicy.


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