Progress check

I have been “following the rules” this week.

Well, so far so good. It’s Thursday. I’m not putting any special meaning into my work thus far.

I am thankfully acknowledging that Just for today (so far) and yesterday, and two days before that, I followed my “rules” for healthier living, mind, body, and spirit!

Three days of (also did this so far today, day 4!)

  1. Eating within my eating window.
  2. Not getting a snack after that eating window.
  3. Daily Isha Kriya meditation.
  4. Questioning if I am hungry: physically or emotionally.
  5. Drinking a glass of water first.
  6. Using my electrolytes if I feel hungry, waiting and seeing.
  7. Thankful mantra/rampage.
  8. Kundalini yoga challenge

It’s been pretty all right.

I have also taken steps to improve my health in ways that I don’t want to mention here. Suffice it to say, I am on day 10. It’s been a struggle but I already feel the benefits.

December 15, 2022

The joy of sharing

Page 365

There is a spiritual principle of giving away what we have been given in Narcotics Anonymous in order to keep it. By helping others to stay clean, we enjoy the benefit of the spiritual wealth that we have found.

Basic Text, p. 49

Time and again in our recovery, others have freely shared with us what was freely shared with them. Perhaps we were the recipients of a Twelfth Step call. Maybe someone picked us up and took us to our first meeting. It could be that someone bought us dinner when we were new. All of us have been given time, attention, and love by our fellow members. We may have asked someone, “What can I do to repay you?” And the answer we received was probably a suggestion that we do the same for a newer member when we were able.

As we maintain our clean time and recovery, we find ourselves wanting to do for others the things that someone did for us, and happy that we can. If we heard the message while in a hospital or institution, we can join our local H&I subcommittee. Perhaps we can volunteer on the NA help line. Or we can give of our time, attention, and love to a newcomer we are trying to help.

We’ve been given much in our recovery. One of the greatest of these gifts is the privilege of sharing with others what’s been shared with us, with no expectation of reward. It’s a joy to find we have something that can be of use to others, and that joy is multiplied when we share it. Today we can do so, freely and gratefully.

Just for Today: I have been given much in my recovery, and I am deeply grateful for it. I will take joy in being able to share it with others as freely as it was shared with me.

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As a footnote, this might not be a super insightful, deep, or meaningful blog for anyone but me. That’s exactly what it is intended for: my personal journey & progress.


Following the rules

Just for today….

I have been a rule breaker and rule follower for a very long time.

It works for me.


But then again, it doesn’t work in many ways.

I have continued to gain weight or at the very least, I have not lost any weight.

Truth be told, I have not followed any “dieting” rules or suggestions in a long time for any kind of consistent time.

I might intermittent fast for 1 or 2 days during the week. 

Then I fall off the wagon.

Or I fast during the day, “fast”, and binge at night.

I want to follow the rules for one month.

but I will start with one day.

Despite my lackadaisical efforts, I cannot lose weight.

It shouldn’t be a mystery to me but I continue to act perplexed and annoyed that my body does not look (and more importantly) feel the way I want it to feel and look.

I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. It’s not a good feeling. My gut feels bloated most days. My bones are creaky. It’s hard to move from a stopped position. It takes several steps and stretches to get moving.

It’s quite annoying.

Just for today. I plan to follow the rules.

There are tips, tricks, hacks, and healthy ways to get healthier. but it requires effort. It requires doing something differently.

I am going to set very, very, very short goals.

TODAY I am going to follow the rules.


Eff tomorrow.

Today. I will follow the rules.

I will use the magic hand to discern if I am body hungry or is it my emotions & my commitment to escaping uncomfortable situations by eating playing out.

I will drink a big glass of water before I choose a meal.

I will do my 15 minute meditation (done!)

I will do my kundalini challenge (will do after my next sessIon).

What will happen if I follow the rules for today?

I followed the rules (that I set) yesterday.

Benefits: no bloating, feelings of accomplishment, pride, no wtf moments in which I chastise myself harshly and then eat some more.

Cons: I was very alert and struggled to go to sleep.

Just for Today Daily Meditation
Page 363
There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using.
Basic Text, p. 9
We all know people who could benefit from Narcotics Anonymous. Many people we encounter from all walks of life-our family members, old friends, and co-workers-could really use a program of recovery in their lives. Sadly, those who need us don’t always find their way to our rooms.

NA is a program of attraction, not promotion. We are only members when we say we are. We can bring our friends and loved ones to a meeting if they are willing, but we cannot force them to embrace the way of life that has given us freedom from active addiction.

Membership in Narcotics Anonymous is a highly personal decision. The choice to become a member is made in the heart of each individual addict. In the long run, coerced meeting attendance doesn’t keep too many addicts in our rooms. Only addicts who are still suffering, if given the opportunity, can decide if they are powerless over their addiction. We can carry the message, but we can’t carry the addict.
Just for Today: I am grateful for my decision to become a member of Narcotics Anonymous.